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I am a professional Marketing Manager in B2B IT industry for over 2 years. Before I was a waiter with a dream to become marketer, whoops. :) In spare time, I love reading books, especially self-help books, marketing and investment books and spend time with my wife. Also, a big fan of the gym and massive foodie guy.

What is B2B Marketing Personalization and How to Use It?

The world around us is changing every day and with modern technologies, marketers have more opportunities to create b2b marketing personalization for better lead generation campaigns to maximize ROI. Thanks to the internet and all the modern technologies people giving up on their private data which hide gold

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What Are the 5 B2B Content Marketing Mistakes That Ruin Every Blog?

B2B content marketing has brought many benefits to the business especially in the past 2 decades when the internet starts booming. Since when the internet started becoming more and more popular marketers having more opportunities to share the content with the targeted audience a bring more people and leads to the business. Places

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7 Key Elements of Successful B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing is about how well can you communicate with your prospect’s across multiple channels, keep consistency and clear messaging that you will never confuse your prospects and only lead them to where you want them to be. Nowadays important elements of marketing are about how effective is your b2b content marketing strategy is,

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Is B2B Blogging Still Effective or Already Dead in 2020?

B2B Blogging has gained its popularity thanks to being effective with such incredible results it brought to marketers. When b2b marketers have used b2b blogging consistently over a year or two within their marketing plan they could notice many aspects of their marketing has improved. But what about today,

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6 Basic B2B Content Marketing Strategies to Bring More Leads

In b2b, content marketing strategies help with establishing trust and credibility and building relationships with your prospects before you have even spoken to them personally. For many marketers b2b content marketing has become the essential strategy to drive consistently good quality leads with great ROI. Therefore, there is

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19 Predictions How B2B Digital Marketing will Change After Covid-19?

In 2020, B2B digital marketing predictions for technology and marketing experts brings a lot of changes with how we need to interact with people, so we can create more human and civilize interactions of how b2b companies interact with customers and prospects through digital marketing. In the past

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