Best 11 AI Writing Tools for Content and SEO Writing 2023 (Free & Paid)

In today’s digital age, the demand for high-quality, engaging content has never been higher. The rapid growth of AI writing tools has transformed the way we generate content, making it easier, faster, and more efficient.

These tools have become indispensable for bloggers, marketers, and content creators looking to stay ahead of the competition.

In this blog post, we will explore the top AI writing tools available in 2023, their pros and cons, and how they can help you create exceptional content.

Top 3 AI Writing Tools

#1 – Best Overall

Best AI Writing Tools Jasper


Best all-around AI writing tool for every need.

Price: $29 monthly
Trial: 5 Days

  • Comprehensive features

  • Extensive templates

  • Boss mode

#2 – Fast Developing

Writersonic Best AI Writing tool


Efficient copywriting with data-driven insights.

Price: $13 monthly
Trial: Free Plan

  • AI-driven copywriting
  • Multiple languages
  • Backed by investors

#3 – SEO Focused

Scalenut best AI writing tools


Comprehensive content marketing and optimization.

Price: $39 monthly
Trial: 7 Days

  • AI copywriting

  • AI Templates

  • SEO editor

AI Writing Tool Features Pricing Editor’s Rating
Jasper Comprehensive features, extensive templates, and Boss Mode. $29/month
Writersonic AI-driven copywriting, multiple languages, and long-form content. Free Plan
Scalenut AI copywriting, optimization, and predictive analytics. $39/month
Anyword Copy optimization, predictive performance scores, and custom integrations. $29/month
Copy AI AI-powered copywriting, templates, and content generation. Free Plan
Rytr AI writing, keyword optimization, and blog post generation. Free Plan
Frase Content research, optimization, and answer engine. $15/month
Copysmith AI content generation for marketing and eCommerce teams. $19/month
Article Forge Deep learning-generated unique articles with a click. $27/month
WriterZen Keyword exploration, content creator, and plagiarism checker. $23/month
ChatGPT AI-powered content generation, versatile use-cases. $20/month

Tool #1: Jasper

Jasper the best of all ai writing tools

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that has gained massive popularity for its versatility and efficiency. With its advanced language models, Jarvis helps users create well-written content across various niches.

And in my opinion, Jasper AI is one of the best, nor the best AI writing tools on the marketing available.

It provides many great features helping you create long and short-form content using 50+ templates, offering 25+ supported languages and it has SEO mode to help you create better-ranking content for your website.

Jasper Pros

  • Advanced AI specifically for content production.
  • A high number of features.
  • Excellent for content repurposing.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Surfer SEO integration.

Jasper Cons

  • Can produce false information.
  • Sometimes produce repetitive content.
  • Can get expensive.
  • Longer learning curve.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper AI Pricing for best AI writing tools

Jasper AI offers three pricing plans for users with different needs and requirements. Here’s a summary of the plans and their pricing:

  • Starter Plan: Priced at $29/month, this plan is designed for hobbyists and individuals, offering 20,000 words per month and essential AI features.
  • Boss Mode Plan: At $59/month, it targets professionals and small teams, providing 50,000 words per month and advanced features like automation and long-form writing.
  • Business Plan: Custom-priced for growing businesses, this plan offers collaboration for more than 5 users, tailored AI brand voice, and dedicated support to help scale.

Tool #2: Writersonic

Writersonic one of the top advanced AI writing tools

Writersonic is an AI-driven content and image generation platform designed to help users create various types of content 10 times faster.

Equipped with a suite of tools for seamless creation, editing, and publishing of SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, ads, landing pages, product descriptions, and social media posts, Writersonic has earned an impressive reputation with over 10,000 5-star reviews across G2, TrustPilot, and Capterra.

The platform is backed by prominent investors such as Y Combinator, HOF Capital, Rebel Fund, Soma Capital, Broom Ventures, and Amino Capital. Also check out best Writersonic alternatives and competitors.

Writersonic Pros

  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Many advanced features.
  • Great integrations.
  • Backed by big investors.

Writersonic Cons

  • The pricing plan structure focuses on the quality of the content.
  • A small memory of past interactions.
  • Less personalized writing suggestions.
  • Basic editing features.

Writersonic Pricing

Writersonic Pricing for one of the best AI writing tools

Writersonic offers flexible pricing plans to accommodate the diverse needs of users, including bloggers, freelancers, businesses, and more.

  • Free Trial: Try out all features for free, generating up to 10,000 words per month to determine the best fit for your needs.
  • Long-form ($19/month): Ideal for bloggers, freelancers, and businesses, this plan includes 60,000 words per month, GPT-4 access, and priority support for creating blog posts, books, and more.
  • Custom Plan: Tailored for teams and businesses, this plan offers custom word limits, user numbers, AI development, invoicing options, dedicated account management, training sessions, and premium support.

Tool #3: Scalenut

Scalenut Best AI writing tools AI-driven content creation platform that streamlines the content generation process

Scalenut is an AI-driven content creation platform that streamlines the content generation process. Its user-friendly interface and range of features make it an ideal choice for marketers and businesses.

Scalenut’s content marketing platform is designed to streamline content creation, boost organic traffic, and save time. Combining keyword planning, topic research, AI writing, content optimization, and publishing, Scalenut enables businesses to produce, optimize, and distribute high-quality, search engine-friendly content efficiently and at scale.

Scalenut Pros

  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • Focused on AI SEO production.
  • Many resources to help you get around.
  • Many features.

Scalenut Cons

  • Sometimes slow to load or glitchy.
  • Less customizable solution.
  • Sometimes repetitive and less creative.

Scalenut Pricing

Scalenut pricing offers three pricing plans best ai writing tools

Scalenut offers three pricing plans tailored to cater to various content creation needs, from individual creators to large-scale businesses and agencies:

  • Essential Plan: At $39/month, this plan targets individual creators and consultants, offering 100,000 AI words, SEO article creation (5 articles/month), and a variety of AI templates and SEO tools.
  • Growth Plan: Priced at $79/month, it’s designed for startups and growing businesses, featuring unlimited AI words*, SEO article creation (30 articles/month), keyword clusters (30 clusters/month), and page optimization (30 pages/month).
  • Pro Plan: For $149/month, this plan caters to large teams, businesses, and agencies, with unlimited AI words*, SEO article creation (75 articles/month), keyword clusters (75 clusters/month), and page optimization (75 pages/month), plus a dedicated CS manager.

Tool #4: Anyword

Anyword top AI writing tools

Anyword is an AI-driven copywriting platform that aims to enhance your sales performance by generating and optimizing high-quality copy at a faster pace.

Leveraging the power of predictive analytics based on extensive marketing data sets, this platform helps create and optimize content for ads, blogs, social media posts, emails, landing pages, and more.

Anyword offers advanced features like Predictive Performance Scores and landing page text optimization, ensuring optimal engagement with your target audience.

Anyword Pros

  • Excellent AI copy and SEO quality scoring.
  • Excellent for Copywriting.
  • Personalized copies for your personas.
  • Predictive analytics to improve every copy.
  • Boosting conversions and sales.
  • Easy to learn with intuitive design.
  • Great tone matching.
  • Free option.

Anyword Cons

  • Long-form content is not as good.
  • Higher pricing.
  • Texts are to be edited most of the time.
  • Limited free trial.
  • Not many templates.
  • Does not learn from the provided information.
  • Lack of templates.

Anyword Pricing

Anyword Pricing purchase best AI writing tools

Anyword offers two pricing plans to cater to a variety of users with different content creation requirements. Here’s a brief overview of the plans and their pricing:

  • Starter Plan ($29/month): Designed for individuals and hobbyists, this plan provides 20,000 word credits per month, access to 100+ AI writing tools, 200+ data-driven copywriting tools, a blog post wizard, support for 30 languages, and multiple seats.
  • Data-Driven Plan ($99/month): Tailored for professionals, small teams, and businesses, this plan offers 30,000 word credits per month, 100+ AI writing tools, 200+ data-driven copywriting tools, real-time predictive performance score and analytics, the ability to improve and boost scores for your own copy, a blog post wizard, support for 30 languages, and multiple seats.

Tool #5: Copy AI

Copy AI best ai writing tools for copywriting

Copy AI is an AI-powered content generator designed to assist users in crafting compelling content for various platforms. Copy AI is a powerful tool designed to assist sales and marketing teams in enhancing their go-to-market strategies and simplifying content creation.

With its ability to rapidly generate tailored sales copy that addresses specific customer pain points, Copy AI effectively engages potential clients, establishes thought leadership, and builds trust, ultimately leading to increased deal closures. Also, check out our best Copy AI alternatives.

Copy AI Pros

  • Writer’s purpose and audience-driven copies.
  • Access to 90 copywriting tools.
  • High AI writing accuracy.
  • Best free AI writing option.
  • Many resources to learn the software.

Copy AI Cons

  • Only for short-form content.
  • Sometimes buggy.
  • Longer learning curve.
  • Sometimes repetitive

Copy AI Pricing

Copy AI pricing for best ai writing tools for copywriting

Copy AI offers three pricing plans to accommodate various user requirements, ranging from free access to more comprehensive features for professionals and enterprises.

  • Free Plan: With no cost, users get 2,000 words per month, access to 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, the Blog Wizard tool, and support for 25+ languages.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $49/month, this popular plan includes unlimited words, 5 user seats, priority email support, and access to the newest features, along with the benefits offered in the Free Plan.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized for businesses seeking workflow automation, this plan requires contacting the company for a demo and includes API access, a chat interface, a pre-built workflows library, and a private company Infobase.

Tool #6: Rytr

Rytr AI Writing Tool

Rytr is an AI-driven content writing tool that focuses on providing quality content at an affordable price. It’s a great option for startups and small businesses looking for budget-friendly solutions. Also check out best Rytr alternatives and competitors.

Rytr Pros

  • Very affordable solution.
  • Great for diverse ideas.
  • Versatile content production for different platforms.
  • Easy to learn the solution.

Rytr Cons

  • Slower development of new features.
  • Fewer resources to learn the tool.
  • Customer support is not as responsive.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr Pricing AI writing tools

Rytr offers a range of affordable pricing plans to accommodate various content creation needs, providing access to AI-generated content in multiple languages, formats, and tones.

  • Free Plan: This plan allows users to generate 10k characters per month, access 40+ use cases, write in 30+ languages, and use 20+ tones, along with built-in plagiarism checking and limited image generation with AI.
  • Saver Plan: Priced at $9/month or $90/year (with 2 months free), it includes 100k characters per month, all features from the Free Plan, 20 AI-generated images per month, and the ability to create custom use cases.
  • Unlimited Plan: At $29/month or $290/year (with 2 months free), this plan offers unlimited character generation, all features from the Saver Plan, 100 AI-generated images per month, a dedicated account manager, and priority email and chat support.

Tool #7: Frase

Frase AI best ai writing tools for seo

Frase AI is a cutting-edge content creation and optimization tool that empowers writers, marketers, and businesses to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content.

By leveraging advanced AI and natural language processing technology, Frase AI streamlines the content creation process and helps users stay ahead of the competition in search rankings. Also check out our list of best Frase alternatives and competitors

Frase Pros

  • Create fast SEO-friendly content.
  • Speed up content creation and SEO processes.
  • Effective topic research.
  • Quick content brief creation.
  • Great customer service.

Frase Cons

  • Pricier if you want an SEO add-on.
  • Mostly only for SEO and content creation.
  • Longer learning curve.
  • Not as strong as other AI writers.
  • Poor keyword research.
  • Sometimes produce random irrelevant ideas.

Frase Pricing

Frase AI Pricing for best ai writing tools for seo

Frase AI offers a selection of pricing plans to accommodate different content creation needs, from individual creators to larger teams and organizations.

  • Solo Plan: Priced at $14.99/month or $12.66/month annually, this plan is designed for projects requiring up to 1 article per week, including 1 user seat, the ability to write and optimize 4 articles per month, and 4,000 AI-generated words per month.
  • Basic Plan: At $44.99/month or $38.25/month annually, this plan targets organizations with a content plan and SEO goals, offering 1 user seat, the ability to write and optimize 30 articles per month, and 4,000 AI-generated words per month.
  • Team Plan: For $114.99/month or $97.75/month annually, this plan caters to teams needing flexibility and collaboration, providing 3 user seats, the ability to write and optimize unlimited articles, and 4,000 AI-generated words per month.
  • Pro Add-On: For an additional $35/month, users can access unlimited AI-generated words and other premium features.

Tool #8: Copysmith

Copysmith best ai writing tools for ecommerce

Copysmith’s AI-powered content generator assists marketing and eCommerce teams in their quest to create outstanding content for their online platforms. By leveraging the power of AI, Copysmith streamlines the process of generating high-quality eCommerce product content, helping businesses scale their content creation efforts with ease and efficiency. Also check out the best copysmith alternatives and competitors.

Copysmith Pros

  • eCommerce focus.
  • Greate eCommerce.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great eCommerce interactions.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Robust product catalog management.
  • Bulk product content generation.

Copysmith Cons

  • Only for eCommerce.
  • Long-form content is poor.
  • Not many tutorials.
  • A few bugs from time to time.
  • Less creative.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith Pricing best ai writing tools for ecommerce

Copysmith offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate users with different needs and requirements. Here’s a summary of the plans and their pricing:

  • Starter Plan: At $19/month, this plan is ideal for solo users just starting out, providing 2 integrations, unlimited in-app support, 20,000 to unlimited words (annual plan), and 20 plagiarism checks per month.
  • Professional Plan: Priced at $49/month, this plan is designed for growing teams and power users, including 5 users, 10+ integrations, unlimited in-app support, unlimited words, and 100 plagiarism checks per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for large businesses, this plan offers custom pricing and features, such as up to unlimited users, 10+ integrations, unlimited in-app support, unlimited bulk import and export, custom development, account manager, unlimited words, and unlimited plagiarism checks.

Tool #9: Article Forge

Article Forge Best AI Writing Tools

Article Forge leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep learning to generate fully unique, relevant, and high-quality articles with a simple click.

Born from five years of AI research, the tool’s deep learning models have been trained on millions of articles, enabling it to write intelligently on virtually any subject.

By creating entire, unique, and well-structured articles in just a click, Article Forge significantly reduces the time and cost involved in content creation.

Article Forge Pros

  • WordAI integration.
  • Plagiarism free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Original content.
  • Instant articles.

Article Forge Cons

  • Struggles with context.
  • No spin rewrites.
  • Not always produce great stuff.

Article Forge Pricing

Article Forge pricing for AI Writing Tools

Article Forge offers two pricing plans tailored to meet various content creation needs. Here’s a summary of the plans and their pricing:

  • Standard Plan: For $27/month, this plan is ideal for individuals and provides 25,000 words per month, AI-powered writing, 1,500+ word article generation, Copyscape-passing content, automatic blog posting, bulk article generation, and API access.
  • Business Plan: Custom-priced based on your requirements, this plan includes all Standard Plan features, 500,000+ words, custom user accounts, increased article throughput, and a dedicated account manager.

Tool #10: WriterZen

WriterZen one of the best ai writing tools on the list

WriterZen is an AI-powered content creation platform designed to help marketers, writers, and SEO experts streamline their content creation process. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including keyword research, topic discovery, content planning, and plagiarism checking.

With WriterZen, users can create high-quality, SEO-optimized content that ranks higher in search engine results, ultimately driving more traffic and conversions.

WriterZen Pros

  • Beautiful and user-friendly UI.
  • Excellent SEO topic research.
  • Great SEO optimization features.
  • Great content briefs.
  • Great impact on ranking.

WriterZen Cons

  • Keyword research limits.
  • AI writing is not as good compared to others.
  • Admin interface a bit outdated.
  • Pricier if you need the AI writing assistant.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen pricing affordable top ai writing tools

WriterZen offers four pricing plans to cater to different users and their content creation needs. Here’s a brief overview of each plan:

  • Lite Plan: At $23/month, this plan is designed for solo users handling single projects, offering 10 keyword lookups per day, 20 content briefs per month, and 20,000 AI writing words per month.
  • Plus Plan: Priced at $89/month, this plan targets power users, providing unlimited AI support, 30 keyword lookups per day, 50 content briefs per month, and unlimited AI writing words.
  • Pro Plan: At $219/month, it’s ideal for small teams working on multiple projects, including two member seats, 50 keyword lookups per day, 100 content briefs per month, and unlimited AI writing words.
  • Ultra Plan: For $399/month, it’s designed for medium teams with scalable projects, offering four member seats, 150 keyword lookups per day, 300 content briefs per month, and unlimited AI writing words.

Tool #11: ChatGPT

ChatGPT one of the best ai writing tools

ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI, designed to engage users in interactive and dynamic conversations. It can provide assistance in a variety of tasks, such as answering questions, generating content ideas, and offering suggestions. ChatGPT is widely used by businesses and individuals alike for its ability to generate human-like text and understand context in conversations.

ChatGPT Pros

  • High-quality, human-like text generation.
  • Understands context and can handle a wide range of topics.
  • Useful for various tasks, including content creation, brainstorming, and Q&A.
  • Constantly evolving and improving with regular updates from OpenAI.

ChatGPT Cons

  • Limited knowledge with up to 2 years behind.
  • Can sometimes produce irrelevant or repetitive responses.
  • May require fine-tuning to achieve desired results.
  • Not suitable for sensitive or highly regulated industries without proper moderation.
  • Limited number of messages for the latest model.

ChatGPT Pricing

OpenAI offers a subscription plan called ChatGPT Plus, which is priced at $20/month. Subscribers benefit from general access even during peak times, faster response times, and priority access to new features and improvements. Free access to ChatGPT is still available, but the latest pricing information and plan details can be found on OpenAI’s website.

Which of These is The Best AI Writing Tool?

Determining the best AI writing tool depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Some users may prioritize advanced features and customization, while others may focus on ease of use and affordability.

As I have showed you, each of these tools has its own unique features and strengths.

To find the best AI writing tool for you, consider factors like the type of content you need to create, the quality of the generated text, available integrations, and your budget as well as your industry.

You can also take advantage of free trials and limited-access plans to test multiple options before making a final decision and check the case studies to find any what types of companies benefit the most of using this tool.

How to Choose Best AI Writing Tool?

Choosing the right tool will come down to your own preferences, needs, and budget.

Therefore to choose the best AI writing tool for your needs, consider the following factors:

Purpose and use case: Identify the type of content you need to create, such as blog posts, social media content, ads, product descriptions, or emails. Different tools may excel in different content categories, so choose one that aligns with your specific needs.

  • Quality of generated content: Look for tools that produce high-quality, human-like text with minimal editing required. Read reviews and try free trials to assess the output quality.
  • Features and functionality: Consider the features you need, like language support, integration with other tools, content templates, keyword research, or plagiarism checking. Compare the features offered by different tools to find one that meets your requirements.
  • Ease of use: Choose a tool that is user-friendly and intuitive, so you can quickly learn how to use it and maximize its potential.
  • Customization and control: Ensure the AI writing tool allows you to customize and control the output, such as adjusting the tone, style, or format to match your brand’s voice.
  • Collaboration: If you work with a team, find a tool that supports collaboration, such as sharing projects, assigning tasks, or providing feedback within the platform.
  • Scalability: Consider whether the tool can grow with your business, offering additional features, support, and user seats as needed.
  • Pricing and budget: Compare the pricing plans of different tools and choose one that fits your budget. Keep in mind that some tools offer monthly, annual, or pay-as-you-go plans, so consider the best option for your financial situation.
  • Support and resources: Look for a tool with reliable customer support, helpful resources, and a strong community that can assist you in making the most of the platform.
  • Free trials and money-back guarantees: Take advantage of free trials or limited-access plans to test different tools before committing to a paid plan. Check if the tool offers a money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the best AI writing tool for your needs.

FAQs to Best AI Writing Tools

Here we discuss some of the commonly asked FAQs related to AI writing tools:

Which AI writing tools are best?2023-04-25T08:46:53+08:00

The best AI writing tools include Jasper AI, Writesonic, and Scalenut. These tools offer advanced features, user-friendly interfaces, and diverse pricing plans, catering to various content creation needs such as blog posts, social media content, and SEO-optimized articles.

Which AI tools help in copywriting?2023-04-25T08:45:46+08:00

For copywriting tasks, consider using Copy AI, Copysmith (specifically for ecommerce), and Frase AI. These AI writing tools are designed to assist in generating persuasive, engaging, and creative copy for marketing materials, ads, product descriptions, and various other content types.

Which AI tool is the best overall?2023-04-25T08:44:42+08:00

Jasper AI stands out as the best overall AI writing tool due to its versatile features, user-friendly interface, and capability to generate high-quality content for various purposes, including blog posts, ads, social media, and more. Its advanced AI and wide range of pricing plans make it suitable for individuals and businesses alike.

Does Google punish use of AI tools?2023-04-25T08:44:05+08:00

Google doesn’t punish the use of AI tools in content creation, as long as the content is high-quality and follows E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) principles. Using AI-generated content for manipulating search rankings is against Google’s spam policies. When creating content, focus on originality, quality, and user experience, regardless of the method used. AI can be a helpful tool for content creation when used responsibly and aimed at providing value to users.

Are AI tools for SEO a good idea?2023-04-25T08:43:37+08:00

Yes, AI tools for SEO can be a good idea when used appropriately. They can help automate and optimize various aspects of SEO, such as keyword research, content creation, and analysis. By using AI tools, you can save time, improve efficiency, and gain valuable insights to enhance your content’s visibility and ranking. However, ensure that you focus on producing high-quality, user-focused content that adheres to Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines to achieve the best results.

How is AI used in SEO?2023-04-25T08:43:17+08:00

AI is used in SEO to streamline and enhance various processes, such as:

  • Keyword research: AI tools can analyze large data sets and identify relevant keywords or long-tail phrases for your content, helping you target the right audience.
  • Content optimization: AI-powered tools can generate SEO-friendly content, suggest improvements, and ensure the content aligns with user intent.
  • On-page optimization: AI can analyze web pages, suggest meta tags, header tags, and image alt attributes to improve on-page SEO.
  • Competitor analysis: AI can evaluate competitor websites to identify strategies, gaps, and opportunities for your site’s SEO.
  • Backlink analysis: AI can assess backlink profiles and discover potential link-building opportunities.
  • User experience analysis: AI tools can analyze user behavior, such as bounce rates and dwell time, to help optimize site structure and design for better engagement.
  • Voice search optimization: AI-driven natural language processing can optimize content for voice searches and conversational queries.

By leveraging AI in SEO, businesses can save time, make data-driven decisions, and improve their search engine rankings effectively.

How the Rating Was Created?

We have done market research and collected independent data from websites like G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, and others as well as from other content publishing websites and independent reviewers to get an understanding of what others think of the hosting, how it’s being used, what they found good and bad, what’s the performance and more.

Based on the collected data on the hosting we have compared it with others on this list.

The rating is based on a collection of multiple data sources, reviews, and opinions of actual users and publishers to reflect what the market thinks about the hosting.

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This article was created by Eduard Dziak and may contain affiliate links. The following were used to optimize the article for the best user and search engine experience include:

  • SE Ranking for keyword research and on-page SEO optimization
  • Surfer SEO for SEO-friendly content creation for users and search engines.
  • Jasper AI for grammar correction and information enhancement.

The article is based on the author’s own experience and knowledge, drawn from both their own work and that of their clients, to provide the latest, proven methods.

Our #1 Recommendation: Jasper

Jasper Best AI writing tool

Jasper is the best AI writing tool because of their features that just cater to wide-range of use cases.

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