check website position in google

Using Google Search Console

The first way to check website position in Google is to use Google Search Console. This only works for your website.

Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google, to help developers, website owners, and SEO professionals see how their website is performing on Google search.

It shows you a bunch of information such as:

  • Total number of clicks: This is not totally accurate due to privacy reasons and most likely you bring more clicks than displayed in the GSC.
  • Total Impressions: This is the total number of how many times your website appears in the search results.
  • Average CTR: This is calculated based on your total clicks and total impressions. Clicks/Impressions = CTR %
  • Average position: This shows what’s your average position for all your keywords and ranking pages.
google search performance report check website position in google

And you can see much more information about your website. However, we are here to check the website position in Google.

So, when you go to the Performance/Google results report, below you can find different tabs, each showing you the above-mentioned information the Total clicks, Total impressions, Average CTR, and Average Position.

Now, in each report, you can check your website position in Google so let’s go through them:

Queries Report

The first way to check website position in Google using Google Search Console is via Queries report.

In the Queries report, you can see the top 1,000 ranking keywords your pages are ranking for in Google search with all the information.

queries report example check website position in google

And then you can select a specific keyword to see the performance of the selected keyword in the Google search.

check performance of a specific keyword in Google search in GSC

And if you want to check what web page of yours is ranking for the specific keyword, you can just select the keyword and then go to the “Pages” report.

check website page ranking for specific keyword in google using gsc

Which will give you the performance of a specific page for the specific keyword. Now because Google also indexes my Table of Content as a different webpage it separates search performance.

And what can also happen is that more of your web pages will be ranking for the same keyword like in this example.

more pages ranking for a keyword in google search console check website position in google using gsc

So, to further narrow it, you can also select a specific web page of yours to see the overall performance of the selected page.

performance report in gsc for specific keyword and specific page to see website page ranking in google using gsc

And this will give you the performance of your web page for a selected keyword in Google so you can check website position in Google based on your ranking keywords/queries.

Pages Report

Another way to check website position in Google using Google Search console is via the Pages report.

Pages report is specifically made to check website position in Google or more specifically check each of your web page position in Google.