digital marketing is important

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important reasons why digital marketing is important for your business as well the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, the biggest myths about digital marketing, and the most important statistical reasons why digital marketing is important for your business.

I will provide the most current and relevant data to digital marketing so you can make better decisions.

As it is important when you are deciding about something you need to have data and information to make a better and more informed decision.

That’s why I believe that the best possible way for me to help you is to give you as much as possible data, information, and statistics about digital marketing and why it is important in the modern world.

Let’s just start with a number that 4.33 billion people are on the internet searching, purchasing, entertaining, and pretty much any of your B2C or B2B personas are on the internet.

And they spend on average 6h and 30mins online daily. So not just digital technology is used by many people but also for a long time.

But let’s start explaining more about digital marketing and why it is important. Let’s look at what it is actually and how it can help you.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a series of strategies, techniques, and technologies (emails marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO, etc.) across channels (emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, website, etc.) on the internet used to drive leads, sales, conversions, and other important objectives to the business.

Yes, it is correct, modern digital marketing has fingers in any part of the buyer journey. This is very important as 60% of the buyer’s journey is complete before they speak to a salesperson.

Customer-Journey and b2b buyer journey digital marketing is important

(Source: uk.idc)

As you can see, there are 2 sides to digital marketing, and both are important for your marketing.

The left side is called the pre-purchased phase, that’s when your marketing effort aims to bring more leads or sales, qualify them and close them.

The right side is called the post-purchase phase, that’s the time to make sure your customers are totally satisfied with your product or service. Again, your goal is to make customers satisfied and ultimately bring more leads and repeat the cycle.

Both these sides are essential to digital marketing and that’s what is modern digital marketing.

digital marketing is a way to bring, nurture, convert leads and satisfy your customer along with sales and customer service. Therefore, these departments can’t be separate anymore.

If you want to know more, I have written a full guide about B2B Digital Marketing, I strongly recommend you to read it if you are new to b2b digital marketing. Also, to have a better picture of your b2b target audience read this guide, so you can create more impactful B2B digital marketing strategies.

5 Top Advantages of Digital Marketing

Before I will talk about the true reasons why digital marketing is important for your business, first I would like to talk about the most profound advantages of digital marketing as I believe it is an important part to know why digital marketing is so popular.

Of course, there are many advantages of digital marketing and every marketer will find different advantages more important than the others, as it is depending on your current digital marketing strategies, marketing resources, and the industry you’re in.

Therefore, these are my top 5 advantages of digital marketing:

1. Artificial Intelligence can help you drive results

The first advantage of digital marketing is using AI to drive better results.

As I mentioned in the beginning, digital marketing has different parts and one of them is using technologies, more importantly, artificial intelligence technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in marketing to improve every part of your marketing. Therefore, drive better results for your business with AI.

For example, AI improves your targeting with ads, email marketing, or content delivered to your target audience based on their interest.

AI in digital marketing is irreplaceable technology for marketers to bring more with less. Therefore, AI is awesome leverage for marketers to level up their marketing game.

As I can’t imagine doing marketing without AI. That’s why the very strong advantage of Digital Marketing is Artificial intelligence.

Look at these examples of AI in marketing:

These are great examples of using AI in Marketing. I recommend you read them as they will give you an idea of how AI can be used in marketing.

2. Unlimited Potential to Reach Anybody, Anywhere at Anytime

The next advantage of digital marketing is it has almost an unlimited reach.

Across the world, you can find internet users and the number is growing day by day. Therefore, your potential to reach people across the world is almost unlimited.

You can drive leads from Australia and the USA at the same time, while your business is in the UK. Thanks to the internet, you have almost unlimited potential to expand your business, and becoming a global business was never easier.

what percentage of the world has internet access

Source: Oberlo

According to Internetworldstats, 57.3% of the entire world’s population has internet access and the active number of users on the internet is growing day by day.

why digital marketing is important because global digital population grows statista


Most of the internet users come from Asia, as 2,300,000,000 people are having access to the internet. 727,000,000 people from Europe, 522,000,000 people from Africa, 453,000,000 people from Latin America the Caribbean, 327,000,000 North America has internet.

That’s why your potential to drive sales or leads across the planet is unlimited as in every part of the world you can find internet users.

Therefore, digital marketing is a great strategy for organizations to drive demand whether local or global as no matter where you are or where you are expanding, there are usually people on the internet, searching for your products and services.

Let’s look at the advantages of digital marketing reach for your business.

  • Your Target audience is online, doing research for your product and services, less and less buyers are actually contacting salesperson but more depending on self-education on the Internet. Your Target audience is most likely doing online research before they contact you or visit your store.
  • Digital Marketing can reach people across the world as the easiest way to expand your business is online. No matter what you do, it is always great to start