how to find all pages on a website

Why Do You Need to Find Every Single Page on a Website?

Knowing all pages on a website can help you in several ways to prevent any ranking issues. It also helps you to see all the pages that search engines are seeing on a website in order to determine if any pages should not be ranked.

Based on this you can easily remove any unneeded pages to optimize your crawl budget and even improve your overall ranking by removing pages buried deep in SERP that are not supposed to be ranking.

However, it also helps you to do any SEO competitor analysis to see what pages your competitors have on their website, what SEO keywords they are trying to target, what pages are the most important for them and so much more.

So, let’s have a look at these 6 reasons why you should know how to find all pages on a website whether it is your website or not:

Reason #1: Find Orphan Pages

The first reason is to find any orphan pages on a website.

Orphan pages are pages without any internal links pointing to them from any other web page or section of a website, which makes the page inaccessible for website users by simply clicking through your website and even for crawlers as well.

how to find all pages on a website orphan pages

Usually, these pages are rarely to be indexed by search engines because they can’t be found by search engine crawlers as the prior way to discover web pages on a website is by crawling links.

to find all pages on a website search engines crawl links

However, even if they are indexed within the SERP, their ranking will often be very poor, and they can be lowering your average ranking position and even damage your overall ranking.

Thus, you want to know about these pages in order to make a decision whether to create internal links to the page, delete or remove them from the index.

Of course, not every page is meant to be indexed and often purposely made orphan pages such as landing pages for Google adverting or Facebook advertising are meant to be inaccessible from within the website.

Reason #2: Find Weird Ranking Pages

Another reason why you want to find all pages on a website is to find those weird, low-quality, thin-content, and spammy types of content that should not be indexed or better not exist on the website unless there is a good reason for them.

And there can be a lot of types of pages that should not be indexed and perhaps the best way to see and learn how to find all those weird pages is by looking at Glen from Detailed site audit videos like this one:

But for example, when you look at Backlinko, you can see one of their admin pages for a blog post was indexed by Google.

how to find all pages on a website weird ranking pages

And when I visit this page, it does not exist.

not existing indexed page for how to find all pages on a website

Of course, these kinds of web pages you don’t want to be indexed on Google, thus, should be removed as pages like this can waste server resources, can cause a significant delay in discovering important pages on a site, and plummet your ranking.

Reason #3: Removing Duplicated/Redundant Pages

Another reason why you want to know how to find all pages on a website is to remove any duplicated/redundant pages.

Duplicated content can cause a lot of problems for search engines and webmasters as well and if you want to ensure that you have applied the best SEO practices, you deal with them.

Now, when it comes to duplicated content, there can be two versions of that:

  • Within your website: This is when you have two identical pages on your website. This often confuses search engines on which one to rank, plus you might be wasting your crawl budget.
how to find all pages on a website to prevent duplicated content
  • Outside your website: This is when different websites copy content from your website and publish it on their own website. This can be a huge problem as they can over-rank your original content and steal your traffic. Even worst you might get a manual penalty for duplicating content.
example of duplicated content outside of your website

However, in this case, we are talking about duplicated pages within your website that you want to discover and remove, redirect or provide a canonical tag, so search engines know which one is the main version.

Duplicated content can be a real issue for your website and by knowing how to find all pages on a website you can fix issues like this.

Reason #4: Changing Website Architecture

The next reason why you would need to know how to find all the pages on a website is due to changing website architecture.

Website architecture for SEO is extremely important as it allows you to plan out all the different