How to use effectively Planner for a Marketing Tasks

Getting organize and stay on top of your game, be on time with your task and never forget even one? I have achieved this once I have started using a planner in my day to day life. Nowadays I am using a planner for my work, my side work and my personal life.

Thanks to my planner and using it the right way I have become more efficient, productive always stop on top of my tasks and keep all my deadlines. But how did I achieve it? It took me a while to learned how to use my favorite planner to achieve amazing productivity. Let me share with you how to achieve to become more efficient at work and your life too! Check out my most favourite planner I recommend to everybody.

Actually, for you to stay organize and have a clean planner I recommend you use planner and notepad to write all your notes. How it works, whenever you have a meeting, just take the notepad and write down everything you and then extract the tasks to your planner, so have always neat and organize planner.

Why Planner is Just Not Enough but Also Need Notepad

how to use planner for b2b digital marketing

My ultimate advice to you why you should be using a notepad, piece of paper or anything where you can write down notes is very simple but powerful that it changes my whole productivity and why I love planners and notepads.

Honestly, if you ever have a meeting with me, you won’t see me without bot of those, they always come with me.

The advice is: “What is not written doesn’t exist”

I know it can mean a lot of things but I want you to think about it before anything important happen, marriage, buying a house, getting a dream job, dream car or anything you can think of it always comes down to that it needs to be written on the paper, otherwise you do not have it, it doesn’t exist.

And that means also for your work and why it is so important to use notepad during every meeting, brainstorming whether alone or with a team or anything you need to remember.

So, BEFORE you buy a planner, first you need to buy a notepad and learn how to write notes from your meetings.

Trust me, it will change your productivity by 100%, it is so simple but only a few people doing it.

Look at the most productive people, they always keep a notepad, planner and plenty of pens! Honestly, my habit from school, stealing a pen becomes very handy. So, watch out for your pen!

How to Have Always Organize Planner

Once I have explained why using notepad is so important now, I would like to explain how to combine those two that you have always well-organized planner so you will never get lost.

As I said, I always use my favourite planner to stay organized but to make sure I have all my important tasks in planner without hard searching and trying to understand what I have written I first use a notepad.

During my meetings, I just bring my notepad and write down the date, headline (to recognize the meeting if I need to come back to the notes) and everything important with certain symbols like:
+ is new tasks
– is improve the current task
-> Follow up task

And many more which I recommend you develop over time. Do not worry, it will come naturally and soon you will have your symbols in your notepad.

So, after the meeting, I sit for 2-5 minutes and read all my notes from the meeting and extracting tasks into my planner, with a short and on point description.

Like this, I have always clean and organize planner with all my errands I know I need to do.

What Planner to Use?

There are many planners out there and I can’t really say this one is better and that one is worse.

Yes, I recommended you my favourite planner which I love to use out of all I have ever tried, and I have tried over 50+ different planners and all of them did not provide me everything I have found important to stay on top of the game.

But again, it all comes to personal preference. But what I would like to tell you what is very important to have in your planner so you can become very well-organized.

Month Overview

A new month is coming, meetings are tense to make sure upcoming month is even better than previous. It requires a lot of planning ahead and has an overview of what is coming next.

Usually, month have many tasks with different deadlines and competing time. Some are very fast, and some take longer.

And that is where I prefer a month overview in my planner, so I know on what to focus the most, what to delegate my team.

Do not need to have over complicated, just a full month calendar and space to put in tasks which you know will need to be complete it.

Just look at the planner and search for the section and find the one you most like, as most of them have the same features, but make sure it is there.

Use Deadline

This is not that important in the way how to use planner, but more like how you to stay on top of the tasks, that you are always on time.

Human species have this sense when they like to put tasks on later, especially the one with not really deadlines.

Because they can always wait since there is no specific time to finish it.

But once you have set deadline you become more aware when the task needs to be done and you will be more focus on it.

I like to always like to put my deadline day before my next meeting, so I can present what has been done and I can discuss with directors what can be improved.

Set a Goal Each Day

Focus gives you the ability to make things done faster and better. Goals give you focus. Simple, so make sure each day you put yourself a realistic goal which you know you can complete in that day.

It doesn’t need to be a whole task to be completed, maybe a part you would love to focus on and really make done by today.

Give Yourself a Reward

Oh yeah, it took me a while to get used to, but once you will incorporate it in your daily life, you will be so motivating it to finish it.

I usually put a thing what makes me happy and relax, like have the whole tub of ice cream, theatre, cinema, good food or even a nice holiday. It all depends how big the goal was so I can reward myself accordingly.

It is very important if you want to reward yourself, be equal to the goal.

For example, last week I have finished my Marketing Plan 2020, a task which took me a whole month, so I went with my wife have all you can eat Japanese buffet.

Or another day, my weekly goal was small, like generate a report from events from the quarter. So, I hit the supermarket and got myself a tub of chocolate ice cream.

Remember, be equal to the size of your achievement. Do not under or over reward yourself. Yes, it takes a little bit of practice (like everything, so do not cry), but the results of this habit are great, and I absolutely love it!


To put it everything together and summarize it. Find a normal notepad, better the one with strong casing as it will travel a lot with you, and it might get crumple.

Also, have a pen holder, usually, it is on the side, so you have always pen with you. Or use your school education and just steal the pen. Is that what you learn at school right?

And the last thing, find a good planner you like and find easy to work, try a few of them and find out which one you like.

Or you can use the one I prefer so you do not need to really search for more and waste your money.

Law of attraction planner has everything you need to have to become the best version of yourself!

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