informational keywords

What Are Informational Keywords?

what are informational keywords

Informational keywords are a type of keyword used by users to gather knowledge, information, or understanding about a specific topic or subject. These keywords are typically used when users are seeking answers to specific questions or looking for general information.

They can be used to find information on a wide range of topics, including knowledge-based queries, such as understanding what something is, learning how to do something, discovering the importance of something, finding out when something occurs, as well as product or service-related information.

The main objective of utilizing informational keywords is to provide users with information and knowledge on a specific topic or to assist them in finding solutions to particular problems.

Informational keywords are mainly used during the early stages of the customer journey, such as the research and discovery phase, and even when the user is not yet actively seeking to make a purchase.

These keywords help to guide users to the information they need and can be used to improve the user experience by providing more specific information about the content of a webpage.

These keywords help customers find the information they are looking for and can include topics such as product features, industry news, or solutions to common problems.

Lastly, using informational keywords improves your brand credibility and builds trust with your target audience as you are providing helpful content which helps to establish your brand as the expert in the industry.

Why are Informational Keywords Important?

Informational keywords are vital in keyword research and SEO as they make up a significant portion of keywords in your industry.

They play a crucial role in helping to identify the topics and themes that are relevant to your audience and business, which in turn can help to improve your website’s visibility, boost your trust from users and search engines and increase search engine rankings.

By including informational keywords on your website, you can increase the chances of your website ranking higher in search engine results and being more easily discoverable by your B2C or B2B target audience.

With that, here are the four most important reasons why informational keywords are important:

Reason #1: Increase Search Visibility

In general, there are more informational keywords than commercial and transactional ones combined.

there are more informational keywords than commercial and transactional keywords

Therefore, by including informational keywords in your target keyword list and targeting them, you can significantly increase your website search visibility.

Also, because there are more informational keywords and they are less “profitable” it’s usually easier to find easy-to-rank keywords, especially long-tail keywords that you can target and start ranking high in search engine result pages (SERPs) even with less authoritative websites.

That’s why informational keywords are important as they can significantly boost your search visibility.

Reason #2: Drives Most Search Traffic

Another important reason why informational keywords are important is that in general, informational keywords are having higher search volume.

informational keywords have higher search demand

As said, usually there are more informational keywords, but they also have higher search demand and on top of that they can be easier to target resulting in more organic traffic for your website.

Of course, organic traffic doesn’t pay the bills, but by targeting the relevant keywords, you can be driving potential customers to your website boosting your brand awareness.

For example, HubSpot is targeting a ton of informational keywords related to their target audience in sales, marketing, and customer service departments resulting in 50+ million monthly visitors to their website and ranking for 12+ million keywords.

HubSpot is using informational keywords to drive massive search traffic

Of course, not everybody will buy from them, but trust me, if you ask any sales, marketing, or customer service representative if they know HubSpot, they will most likely say “yes”.

And 99% of that is because of their huge search traffic.

Reason #3: Increase Trust & Authority

As mentioned, informational keywords tend to be more numerous than commercial and transactional ones, providing a broader range of opportunities for content creation on your website.

This means you can produce more content relevant to your industry or niche, exploring deeper into specific topics and increasing your topical coverage.

This can help to attract a wider range of visitors to your website and establish you as an authority on the subjects you cover and boosting your E-E-A-T score, ultimately boosting your search engine rankings and driving more traffic to your website.

targeting informational keywords increase your E-E-A-T score

In addition to increasing your website’s content and topical coverage, creating helpful and informative content on informational topics can also help to build trust with users.

When your website is seen as a reliable and authoritative source of information, users are more likely to view your brand as an expert in the industry.

This can be especially beneficial when users are in the market for a solution that your business offers.

The previous exposure to your brand through informative content can influenc