biggest B2B SEO Mistakes you should avoid

In this article, I am going to share with you the 12 worst SEO mistakes you can probably make to ruin your organic traffic, ranking, and conversions for your website.

B2B SEO is a complicated game that always comes with new rules and strategies as search engines always update their website. Just Google itself does roll out close to a thousand algorithm updates each year.

And if you are not a professional SEO marketer it can be difficult to follow all the SEO rules and make as few mistakes as possible. But even professional SEOs will make mistakes because is so dynamic and complex that what worked yesterday might not today.

Therefore here is my list of top SEO mistakes to avoid and fix so you can improve your site ranking, increase organic traffic, and drive more leads to your business.

And without further due here is my list of SEO mistakes:

1. Not Including Any Outbound links within Your Text

The first on our list of SEO mistakes that might be one of the biggest SEO mistakes you might make is not including any outbound links within your content.

Outbound links are links that are referring to other websites and not some of your web pages. Usually, these links are used due to another resource such as data, visuals, related content, and others to back up your points and provide more comprehensiveness.

Brian Dean quote one of the biggest on-page B2B SEO mistakes is not linking out

Outbound links are extremely important and as said by Brian Dean, the SEO expert:

“Not linking out might be the #1 on-page SEO mistake that I see people make.”

And while Google did not exactly say that outbound links are a ranking factor, we know that outbound links should help users to learn more about your topic you are covering and provide a better user experience.

But either way, you should include outbound links within your content because it strengthens topics signals of your webpage and helps Google to understand your site better and it will help you to demonstrate your points.

Next outbound links are important because they will help you to add more value to your content by linking to other websites that are covering or having related resources to your content that add more value to yours.

And lastly, outbound links help build trust with readers as it shows that you are doing your research and you are not just sharing your opinion.

Remember when at school wanted you to always include references? Outbound links work in the same way, you cannot know everything, and doing thorough research shows to your users you want to provide good quality content.

So, make sure you adding outbound links within your b2b content marketing as this is one of the top SEO mistakes a lot of people are still doing it.

2. Not Optimizing for B2B SEO

The second on the list of SEO mistakes are not optimizing your content for SEO at all and writing your content only for people.

Unfortunately, this is one of the common SEO mistakes that is done by a lot of people, especially by those who just want to write helpful articles and create a website for people but forgetting about SEO is badly hurting your website.

You need to understand that first for people to actually find your content, Google and other search engines must understand what is your website about to properly crawl it and index it where it belongs to.

But if search engines cannot understand your content, then it is hard to categorize your content and serve it to the right user who is looking for your content. Thus, if your content does not pass this test, then it can be hardly found or even deindexed.

The perfectly optimized page by Moz. Not optimizing your pages with b2b SEO is one of the biggest b2b SEO mistakes to avoid.


So, whether you like it or not, make sure you are also optimizing your content for SEO and help search engines to better understand what your content is about so they can help you to bring more and relevant organic traffic.

Therefore, make sure to optimize your B2B SEO by strategies such as:

And this will help the search engine crawl your content and index it better and you will avoid this SEO mistake that is ruining your hard work.

3. Keyword Stuffing

One of the top b2b SEO mistakes is keyword stuffing you should definitely avoid.


Another very common SEO mistake is keyword stuffing which is considered a strictly black hat SEO strategy.

Keyword stuffing is using too often the same keyword or similar keyword within your content in favor to get better ranking but ever since Google started updating their algorithm to punish this SEO strategy it is less likely to see this.

But still, you can see this strategy being used, especially by less experienced bloggers or marketers, that is trying to win a better position in the search result.

Fortunately, this is not the way how you should get better ranking and instead of focusing on providing high quality and relevant content for your readers.

That is why it is important to have content written by an expert. As I always say if you need to write an article about how to fix a toilet, ask Plummer to write the article. Therefore, if you are not an expert, then you should hire one.

4. Not Including Your Keywords & Latent Semantic Keywords

Not properly using keywords and latent sematic keywords is a common b2b SEO mistake. Latent Sematic keywords explained by Moz.


The fourth on our list of SEO mistakes is not including your keywords and latent semantic keywords (LSK) within your piece of content.

While keyword stuffing is a very bad SEO mistake that can cause your website to be penalized and removed from the search.

Not including your keywords and latent semantic keywords can have a similar impact on your website because search engines cannot properly understand what your content is about, thus it can be barely indexed, or it means your website is providing only thin content.

Including keywords and latent semantic keywords in a natural way will help search engines and users to properly understand your content and deliver more value.

So properly optimized content with keywords will help search engines to understand it and properly index it to the right place.

And using latent sematic keywords is the way how you should start thinking about creating content as you cannot just simply focus on one keyword or phrase which is as well bad SEO mistake that comes often with keyword stuffing.

Because Google is searching for more comprehensive and thorough content that provides answers to users’ questions when they are typing a specific keyword.

Thus, this means you must understand the user intent behind the keyword you want to target.

For example, keyword weather is usually used to find out what is the weather today in your location, and users usually do not search for thorough in-depth content, but keyword B2B SEO is very broad and not specific, often used by people who want to learn more about B2B SEO, thus in-depth guide on B2B SEO would be the best for this keyword.

Of course, if you are an expert within your industry, keywords and latent semantic keywords will come naturally when you are creating a piece of content.

5. Not Doing Historical Optimization

The fifth on our list of SEO mistakes is not doing historical optimization of your old pages and old blog posts and just leaving them to become zombie pages.

Writing new content all the time can be very challenging for every content marketer and business especially if you have been writing content for your niche for a couple of years.

Because some of your more evergreen content can provide value to your users even after a few years its official publication date it just needs to be refreshed and updated with the latest stats, data, and pictures.

Also, blog posts and pages that are used to generate a lot of traffic and leads for your business should be historically optimized to bring back the traffic and leads.