Compare Surfer SEO alternatives and competitors for your business or personal use using our curated list of free and paid options below. Here we provide some of the best alternatives to Surfer SEO in 2023 with important information such as pricing, comparison, features, and pros and cons, in order for you to make an informed decision for your business.

Top 3 Surfer SEO Alternatives

#1 – Best Overall

Scalenut is the best overall Surfer SEO alternative


Best overall for SEO Content writing.

Price: $29 monthly
Trial : 7 Days

  • SEO & AI Writer

  • SEMRush integration

  • Affordoble

#2 – Best for Content Briefs

Content Harmony is best Surfer SEO alternative for content briefs

Content Harmony

Best for content briefs at scale.

Price: $99 monthly
Trial: $10 for 10 Briefs

  • Excellent Content Briefs

  • Simple to Use

  • Perfect for Scaling

#3 – Best AI & SEO Writing

Frase AI is best for AI & SEO writing combination

Frase AI

Best AI & SEO capabilities.

Price: $50 monthly
Trial: $1 for 5 days

  • AI & SEO Combination

  • Affordoble

  • Easy to Use