white hat seo

In this article, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about white hat SEO, and the best white hat SEO techniques in a step-by-step tutorial.

In fact, you will learn exactly how you can optimize your website from beginning to end with only white hat SEO tactics like link building, keyword research, technical SEO, and the best techniques for each of these strategies.

And without further due, let’s get started:

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What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is an approved set of tactics by search engines such as Google or Bing for SEOs in order to increase website visibility and ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) the right way to not be penalized.

It is the right way of doing SEO for your website and leading SEO agencies, top-ranking websites in any niche, and SEO professionals are often only practicing white hat SEO strategies for themselves and their clients to avoid risk and get maximum results from SEO.

Why Do You Need White Hat SEO?

Using only white hat SEO has numerous benefits and if you are reading some leading SEO industry blogs then probably they are using only white hat SEO tactics as well to rank their website in SERPs.

So, let me share with you 3 main reasons why you should implement white hat SEO for your website as well:

Reason #1: The Only Way to Not Get Penalized

The first reason and probably the most important why you should start with white-hat SEO is that it is a 100% risk-free way to increase your website visibility and traffic.

White hat SEO is focused only on using those techniques that search engines recommend in their search engine guidelines. These tactics are specifically aimed to help their ranking algorithm to recognize your content, better understand what’s your website about, and asset it for ranking.

Therefore, there is no risk of getting penalized by search engines like Google using white hat SEO as you are playing by their rules.

Reason #2: White Hat SEO Drive Best Long-Lasting Results

The second reason why you should start with white hat SEO is that it delivers long-lasting results and steady growth over time.

white hat seo deliver long-lasting results

As you can see, white hat SEO can deliver some great results if you stick with it over time. And as you keep practicing it you should see steady growth even if Google brings new updates.

From my experience, doing only white hat SEO, I have seen the biggest spike in traffic and visibility whenever Google launched a new algorithm and update which even more prove that white hat SEO is the best way to grow your website in long run without worrying about upcoming Google algorithm updates.

Reason #3: It’s the Cheapest Way

And the last reason I want to mention why you should start with white hat SEO is that it is the cheapest way to get your website going.

As you will see, white hat SEO strategies can be done absolutely for free without paying for any software or services.

However, on the other site, black hat SEO strategies often will cost you some money, depending on the strategy you choose.

For example, buying links that pass PageRank from an SEO agency, which is considered a strictly black hat SEO strategy, can cost you hundreds of dollars per link depending on the link placement.

black hat seo strategy buying links

However, when it comes to link building, it can be very expensive even if you are doing white hat SEO link building strategies as you will need to subscribe to different software’s and hire SEOs to do it at scale, but you can still do it very cheaply or even for free with investing more time.

Of course, there are black hat SEO strategies that will cost you nothing as well, however, those will not yield any results and just waste your time. I am talking only black hat SEO strategies that are designed to “trick” search engines to give you some exposure.

However, every white hat SEO technique can improve your website visibility and search ranking, and often they are free of charge. Only you will need to acquire the knowledge.

And here in this article, you will learn the best white hat SEO techniques that you can apply for your website in order to improve your website visibility, ranking, and organic traffic.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

So, by now you might already understand that white hat SEO is the ethical way and black hat SEO is the risky way to optimize your website for better ranking.

However, to have the full picture of these two types of SEO, let me share with you the three main differences between white hat SEO and black hat SEO and give you an idea of why still some people decide to go with black hat SEO despite the risk of being high.

Difference #1: White Hat SEO is Hard and Black Hat SEO is Easy

The first difference between these two types of SEO is that white hat SEO is super hard, labor-intensive while black hat SEO can be relatively easy especially if you are doing SEO for clients and you need to deliver quick results.

white hat seo and black hat seo practices and their short term and long term results

When it comes to using only white hat SEO strategies, it can be really intensive for you or your team to build a website that ranks in the top position and drives a lot of high-quality traffic as the scope of white hat SEO strategies, including off-page SEO is very limited.

And because white hat SEO is the safe way to rank your website, businesses and people will be mostly focusing on it, making it super competitive and even harder to rank your website in search engine result pages as you and your competitors will be using the same white hat SEO tactics to rank your website.

However, on the other side, black hat SEO tactics can be relatively easy and less competitive. Just buying links to your website or participate in link exchange are some of the easiest ways to improve the ranking for your website.

Also, using AI for content automation is definitely way easier to create content for your website rather than writing it yourself or using article spinning technology to have rewritten content from other websites that appear to be new content and pass plagiarism tests.

So, this is definitely one of the biggest differences between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, and why still so many people doing black hat SEO.

Difference #2: White Hat SEO Takes Long Black Hat SEO Takes Short to See Results

The second difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is that to see results from white hat SEO, takes such a long time, while black hat SEO can deliver results in a much shorter time.