B2C vs B2B Target Audience infographic

A modern infographic that shows differences between b2b target audience and b2c target audience in today’s marketing.

Learn how to recognize b2b and b2c marketing audience.

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Target Audience Infographic

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Infographic for a target audience will show you what are the differences between b2b and b2c target audience.

Each target audience is different. Therefore target audience infographic explains how it differs from each other.

B2B Target Audience Vs B2C Target Audience

B2B Target Audience

– Building relationships with your target audience.
– Sharing expertise with them as they are more rationally driven.
– Focusing on the niche market.
– Long selling cycle
– Involve more people like decision-makers and influencers
– Your main goal is to build trust and credibility with your content.

B2C Target Audience

– Building brand awareness across the market.
– Focusing on triggering emotions and quick emotions purchase decisions.
– Focusing on a large scale market.
– Short selling cycle
– Involve individuals or families.
– Your main goal is creating impulse and urge to buy with branding and messaging

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