your b2b target audience guide

Modern B2B marketing is about having a target audience in mind to create personalized marketing tailored to prospect’s needs. Therefore, every single strategy needs to have a target audience, so it can become effective, otherwise, you just shooting in dark.

Your target audience will influence how you create our content marketing, structure your messaging, and the way how to connect with them.

Therefore, having a target audience is not just effective but essential to modern b2b marketing as your prospects expect more personalized content.

So, let me explain to you what is a b2b target audience and how you can create our own target audience for your b2b organization to start generating good quality leads.

What is B2B Target Audience?

B2B Target Audience is an imaginary group of people that you want to target with certain problems or needs which could be solved by your products and services. Also, these people are the ideal customers or close enough to who match all your qualification criteria to become your customers. In other words, the b2b target audience is people who can and who want to become your customers.

Okay, let’s explain a bit more what I mean by b2b target audience being ideal customers or close enough and also about b2b target audience are people who can and want to become your customers.

For you to understand your target audience you need to understand certain aspects of your b2b marketing.

And because I want to talk about B2B marketing you need to understand not just who you selling to, but also the type of marketing as well.

But first, let’s talk about the 4 aspects of what makes an actual b2b target audience. Businesses are using these 4 aspects as a sales qualification process.

In these four aspects, I will explain to you, what I mean by people who want and can become your customers as these two parts of the b2b target audience are extremely important for your b2b marketing.

4 Aspects of Your B2B Target Audience

As I already mentioned to you, these four aspects are important to use by b2b organizations to determine whether the prospect is qualified to become your customers.

This sales process helps lower expenses by determining prospects who are good potential customers and who are not.

But why am I talking about the sales qualification process?

Well, this process helps you to better understand what is b2b target audience is, who they are to your marketing and how to use your b2b target audience.

And later, you will also understand better how to use your b2b target audience to lower marketing costs to acquire customers.

Because your b2b target audience should be the ideal prospects for your company and also your company should ideal for them.

Therefore, understanding the sales qualification process helps you to better understand your b2b target audience and how to determine your b2b target audience.

So, let’s explain how this sales process and how it determines your b2b target audience.

1. Needs

First what you should understand about the b2b target audience are their needs as it is important to them and to your business.

The needs of your target audience should be fulfilled by your products and services to create a match and interest in each other.

Because what you trying to do is to deliver value to your customers with your products and services.

But everybody perceive value differently and that is highly influenced by their needs what they currently looking for.

To give you an example of what I mean by perceiving value differently. Imagine that you are thirsty after the long run so you pop into a local supermarket to get some water, but the worker there tells you, that they do not have any water, and instead he offers you a great value combo snack which is honestly a really good deal.

Would you see the value in this?

Of course, you would not.

And most likely, you would leave the store upset that you want to get water and some prick offering you salted snacks, so insensitive…

But imagine that you would come to the supermarket to get some snacks for your upcoming party. Then you would be excited about this offer, isn’t it?

That’s why b2b target audience needs are so important especially in the complexity and price tag of the b2b deals.

So, if your b2b target audience does not have needs for your products and services, then it is not your target audience and you better create a new one.

How to find out whether your target audience has needs for your products and services?

Well, there are a couple of ways, but the best is to let them come to you and tell you by the content marketing strategies.

2. Decision-Making Power

The decision-making power is the authoritativeness of a person or the group of people being able to sign the deal and give you the money to proceed to start using your products and services.

Another big part for your b2b target audience is the decision-making power as it is important for your business to know whether you waste your time with the person or not.

Let’s be frank, talk to somebody about your products and services who can’t make the decision is just a waste of your time, you better find quickly to ones who are in power to make the decisions to buy from you.

Let’s be more in detail, there are two groups of people you should be focusing on in your b2b target audience.

  • Influencers
  • Decision Makers

Influencers are having certain say in what to buy and what not to. Usually, these people are subject matter experts who understand the selected products or services and can educate the decision-makers. These can be managers or consultants.

Usually, during the meeting with the organizations, there will be always an influencer, so later he/she can give trusted advice or opinion.

Decision-makers are the ones who can sign the deal and make the purchase decision. They do not need to be real experts, but they still have the knowledge of what the company “needs”.

For you to successfully sell and advertise you need to combine these two groups of people and satisfy both sides in the best-case scenario, as both can be deal-breaker.

3. Urgency

Urgency is how quickly do they need to solve their problems.

if the urgency is low, then it can resolve in the long sales process and you would be coming back and forth with your prospect.

This could potentially cost you a lot of money, resources, and opportunities somewhere else, as it is important to focus on people who are having high urgency.

Because people with high urgency are most likely to move quickly through the sales funnel and buy fast without unnecessary delays.

  • Low Urgency = Very Slow Sales Process and High Cost per Acquisition
  • Medium Urgency = Average Sales Process and Average Cost per Acquisition
  • High Urgency = Fast Sales Process and Low Cost per Acquisition

Again, this is important for your marketing and b2b target audience as writing effective ads, scripts and other copies should involve this urgency.

Because if your target audience is with low urgency, then your sales process might be much longer and cost per acquisition be higher.

Therefore, it is important to know about urgency as well when you are creating your b2b target audience.

4. Budget

Last but definitely not least is the budget of your target audience, as this will give you what you are looking for in the end.

As selling somebody who has all 3 aspects, but missing budget is just a complete waste of time.

Trust me, that happens a lot.

Especially in the software industry where you are selling something expensive like ERP system and small or mid companies want the software and they recognize they need it, but just can’t afford it.

Therefore, do not be afraid to show that your products and services are pricy but worthy if so.

Same as Rolls Royce, they took it as a competitive advantage that they are super expensive as it breathes the luxury.

So, if you are expensive, find your advantage within it.

Therefore, this is an important aspect for your b2b target audience as you do not want to target people who can’t just effort to do business with you.

Same as Rolls Royce would never target people who fly in business class but these people could be good for Mercedes.

B2C vs B2B Target Audience

For you to understand the b2b target audience you also need to know the differences between these two main types of audiences.

As both are delivering leads to their business in a different way as each target audience has different preferences and behavior.

Remember b2b target audience is always in the b2c target audience, but the b2c target audience is not always in the b2b target audience.

Why am I saying that? Because every influencer and decision-maker is a consumer as well, but not every consumer is a decision-maker or influencer.

So, do not try to think that targeting consumers is the same as targeting businesses.

But let’s look at the main differences between B2B and B2C Target audience.

Infographic of B2B Target Audience vs B2C target audience. Differences between target audiences in B2B vs B2C Marketing. Building relationships with a target audience, sharing expertise with your target audience, more rational b2b buyers, long selling cycle, involve more people like decision-makers and influencers, the main goal is to build trust and credibility with your content in b2b marketing. In B2C marketing, build awareness across the market, focusing on triggering emotions and quick emotions purchase decisions, Focusing on a large scale market, short selling cycle, involve individuals and families and the main goal is creating impulse and urge to buy with branding and messaging.

Please feel free to share the infographic.

So, this is the main differences between B2B and B2C target audience which apply to any industry.

Of course, each industry has its own differences and it is up to you to find out what makes a special target audience in your industry.

Why is B2B Target Audience Important?

You need a B2B target audience for your marketing because it helps you to focus your marketing resources and effort to attract the best prospects for your business to maximize your ROI and profit from your activities. Target audience is important for your personalization in your marketing and other departments to create highly relevant and personalized content and messaging and improve customer service.

Yes nowadays b2b buyers want to have personalized everything and that is especially important in b2b digital marketing when you are preparing your b2b content and messaging to attract the best prospects.

But without having in mind who is your target audience is hard to create any personalization for your marketing.

It has been predicted by the marketing experts that personalization is going to be the most important strategy in the next couple of years.

And many of the b2b marketers are going to focus on improving the personalization within their department.

And not just marketers but sales and customer services are involved in personalization strategy.

Also, you need b2b target audience to:

  • Effectively drive good quality leads to your business
  • Lower expenses on by not bringing poor quality leads
  • Improve messaging for your advertisement
  • Create effective b2b content marketing strategies
  • And Increase your ROI from your Marketing

So, do not skip creating your own target audience as your marketing will benefit and it will make your job much easier.

Trust me, if you have in mind the people you want to target, then It is much easier to create marketing assets.

5 Basic Types of B2B Target Audience

Using different types of the B2B target audience will segment your target audience into different categories. Then these categories will include people based on who matches the selected criteria of the type of target audience. This will help you to visualize your target audience and furthermore improve your targeting.

Therefore, before finding your target audience, you need to know what types of b2b target audiences are there, so it will help you to go through the steps to create your own successful target audience.

Also, if you have already some customers, dividing your best customers into different types of target audience helps you to find similarities and target these people who match or are close enough to the type, so you can bring similar leads to your target audience.

Before we start the actual process of finding your b2b target audience let’s look at the 5 basic types of b2b target audience or also called segments of b2b target audience.