If you’re looking for a way to improve your content creation capabilities, you’ve likely heard about copy ai. Copy ai is a tool that can automatically generate text based on the style of other pieces of content. Its ability to do this makes it valuable in many different contexts, from generating headlines and pulling quotes to creating entire blog posts or whitepapers—and even books!

However, there are some limitations to using copy ai; namely, that its results aren’t always great. That’s why I want to introduce you to some Copy AI alternatives free and paid so that you can find one (or more) that works best for your needs:

Top 3 Copy AI Alternatives in 2023

#1 – Best Overall

Jasper is the second best Copy AI alternative

Best overall AI writer

Price: $29 monthly
Trial Version: Free 10,000 words

  • Leading AI writing tool

  • A lot of features

  • Surfer SEO integration

#2 – Best for SEO

SE Ranking best SEO Copy AI alternatives

Best for SEO blog posts

Price: $68 monthly
Trial Version: 14-days, 2k words

  • Powerful AI Writing Assistant
  • Upgraded SEO Brief
  • Plagiarism Checker

#3 – Best For Copywriting

Copysmith is the third best Copy AI alternative

Best copywriting AI writer.

Price: $19 monthly
Trial Version: 7 days unlimited

  • Great marketing copies

  • Great idea recommendations

  • Very easy to use

TL;DR: Best Copy AI Alternatives

  • Jasper: Best for automated content creation.
  • SE Ranking: Best for generating SEO blog posts.
  • Copysmith: Best for generating high-quality, human-like text.
  • Frase: Best for content optimization, research and SEO.
  • Anyword: Best for content optimization and SEO.
  • Article Forge: Best for generating unique articles and blog posts.
  • Smart Copy: Best for creating high converting landing pages.
  • WriterZen: Best for generating SEO-friendly and unique content.
  • Copy AI: Best for Generating human-like text, content creation, and optimization

1. Jasper AI Alternative

jasper ai alternative to copy ai

Best long-form content AI Writer

In my opinion, Jasper AI is one of the best, nor the best AI & GPT content generation and AI writing tools on the market helping you write email marketing, social media, landing page copies, blog posts, and more.

It provides many great features helping you create long and short-form content using 50+ templates, offering 25+ supported languages and it has SEO mode to help you create better-ranking content for your website.

Jasper AI Pros

  • Leading best AI content creation tools
  • High number of features
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • 25 supported languages

Jasper AI Cons

  • Can get a bit expensive quite fast
  • Requires you to be online
  • Longer learning curve

Jasper AI is Best for:

Jasper AI is best for writing long-form content regardless it’s for sales, marketing, or customer service.

Jasper AI Pricing

Copy ai alternative jasper ai pricing

Jasper offers three pricing plans starting as low as $29 per month with 20,000 words. This is a great plan to start with. However, you will find yourself using up the credit pretty fast and later on, moving to the “Boss Mode” pricing plan is inevitable if you want to create long-form content fast.

They also offer custom business plans, mainly used by Agencies or for those that are scaling their content creation with Jasper.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI

The main difference between Jasper AI and Copy AI is that Jasper is mainly focused on long-form content helping you create SEO-friendly content for your website, while Copy AI is more focused on shorter content for social media, landing pages, and email marketing content, helping you create better-converting content.

Needless to say, both of these options are awesome AI generation tools, I would choose Jasper over Copy AI when I am looking to create long-form content as they have a lot of features helping you create SEO-friendly blog posts.

But if you are looking to create short-form content or generate great ideas, then Copy AI can be a better choice. Also check out our list of best Jasper AI alternatives and competitors.

Get Started with Jasper and get 10,000 bonus credits.

2. SE Ranking Alternative

se ranking one of the best copy ai alternatives

Best AI Writer for those who need more than a simple content tool and want to get organic visitors from Google

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform that helps businesses improve their website’s search engine ranking. It covers the whole cycle of creating content that is meant to drive organic traffic to the website. With powerful Keyword Research and Competitive Research tools, you can find the best topics to target.

Their AI-powered Content Editor and AI Writer will then help you create an optimized copy capable of outranking your competitors. The tool can quickly generate a first draft for you, and then you’ll need to follow recommendations on the wordcount, keyword usage, the number of images, etc., to improve your Content Score.


  • Powerful AI writing assistant
  • Upgraded brief settings
  • Plagiarism Checker feature
  • New Content Score
  • Google Doc Add-on


  • Dependent on keyword selection
  • Requires manual content polishing
  • Mostly for blog posts


se ranking pricing content editor copy ai alternatives

The pricing for SE Ranking’s Content Marketing Platform is structured around the number of words for the AI Writer and the number of Plagiarism checks. Here are the options:

  • 15 articles/mo: $29 /mo +25,000 words for AI Writer +3 Plagiarism check.
  • 30 articles /mo: $49 /mo Save 15% +50,000 words for AI Writer +5 Plagiarism checks.
  • 120 articles /mo: $99 /mo Save 57% +250,000 words for AI Writer +10 Plagiarism checks.

Please note that the subscription for Content Marketing is only available for paid SE Ranking accounts. For detailed pricing plans, you would need to check their pricing page.

SE Ranking Vs Copy AI

The major differences between SE Ranking and Copy AI lie in their core functionalities and target users. SE Ranking is a comprehensive SEO platform offering features like keyword rank tracking, website audit, backlink monitoring, and a robust AI tool for blog post creation. It’s ideal for SEO professionals and marketers seeking to improve website visibility and rankings. On the other hand, Copy AI is an AI-powered copywriting tool designed to generate creative content such as blog intros, product descriptions, and social media posts, excelling particularly in copy creation. It’s beneficial for copywriters and content creators needing assistance with idea generation and content creation.

3. Copysmith Alternative

copysmith alternative to copy ai

Best Copywriting AI Writer for copies.

Copysmith helps you to create high converting copies by creating creative and unique copies for all your marketing campaigns. It can save you hours when preparing any copies and help you to generate more leads or revenue with less effort, who wouldn’t like that, right?

On top of that Copysmith is fairly easy to use compared to other AI writing tools making it very attractive for beginners as well as for marketing professionals who are starting with AI writing. Therefore, if you are starting with AI writing, this tool could be your choice.

Copysmith Pros

  • Great marketing copies in a matter of seconds
  • Great for all types of copies
  • Fast in generating ideas
  • Very easy to use

Copysmith Cons

  • Long-form content poor
  • Not many tutorials
  • A few bugs from time to time

Copysmith is Best for:

Copysmith is a great tool for people who are starting with AI writing and wants to create better copies for their marketing campaigns, whether it is for emails, landing pages, product pages, or other marketing copies.

Copysmith Pricing

copysmith pricing alternative to copy ai

Copysmith pricing offers three variants starting at only $19 per month for up to 33k words and with 20 plagiarism checks which is a great plan for most small businesses. However, then you can upgrade to 260k words and 100 plagiarism checks for only $59 per month making it far more affordable than Jarvis.

And in case you need more, then they have a custom plan as well.

Copysmith vs Copy AI

The biggest difference between Copysmith and Copy AI is that Copysmith is great for beginners users as well as for marketing agencies focusing on creating highly converting marketing materials for their clients mainly for eCommerce websites while Copy AI helps you create great ideas at a fast pace and improve your editorial processes for any business. Also check out the best copysmith alternatives and competitors.

Get started now with Copysmith

4. Anyword Alternative

anyword copy ai alternatives

Best AI Copywriting for the target audience and personalized high converting messages. Best Overall

Anyword is a copywriting AI tool specifically focused on getting more conversions and sales from your marketing campaigns whether it is from social media posts, emails, landing pages, or others.

With their powerful predictive analytics and customer personas feature, you can easily analyze your text to see which of your copies are great, and how you can improve your copies with more concise, engaging, and smarter messages that better resonate with your customer personas and target audience.

Anyword Pros

  • Personalized copies for your personas
  • Predictive analytics to improve every copy
  • Boosting conversions and sales
  • Easy to learn with intuitive design
  • Great tone matching
  • Free option

Anyword Cons

  • Higher pricing
  • Texts to be edited most of the time
  • Limited free trial
  • Not many templates

Anyword is Best for:

Anyword is the best copywriting AI tool to create personalized messages that resonate with your audience and with their predictive analytics, you know exactly what to improve every time.

Anyword Pricing

anyword pricing copy ai alternative

Anyword pricing offers two versions, one of which is for very small businesses and offers to start with a free version with only a few features. Then you can move to the Basic plan which starts at $16 per month and offer only basic functionalities and the highest plan starts at $83 per month offering most of the features you would need but only 30k words/month.

Honestly, only the “Data’Driven” plan makes sense here, the rest just gives you a small taste of what the tool actually can do and if you are looking for a more affordable AI writing tool, then this might not be your option.

anyword pricing most businesses version alternative to copy ai

But then their “Most businesses” pricing version offers a lot more features to create high converting marketing copies and messages, but Anyword does not provide pricing for these plans, and you need to contact them to learn more. So, I expect this plan will be pricier.

Anyword vs Copy AI

While both of the tools are focusing on creating short-form content, the major difference between Anyword and Copy AI is that Anyword is highly focused on creating highly converting copies and messages, helping marketing, salespeople, and business owners to get more money from their marketing campaigns while Copy AI is generally better to create any short-form content not specifically focusing on generating sales or conversions.

Get a 20% discount on Anyword using this link.

5. Article Forge Alternative

article forge copy ai alternatives

Best AI tool for instant articles

Article Forge is an AI writing tool fully focusing on generating high-quality, long-form SEO articles for your website fast and efficiently with the minimum of human interference for a fraction of the cost.

Their main goal is to write unique, SEO-optimized, high-quality, long-form articles as fast as possible that rank high in SERPs helping website owners to produce content much faster in order to drive organic traffic.

Article Forge Pros

  • WordAI integration
  • Plagiarism free
  • Easy to use
  • Original content
  • Instant articles

Article Forge Cons

  • Struggles with context
  • No spin rewrites
  • Not always produce great stuff

Article Forge is Best for:

Article Forge as the name suggest is the best for forging articles at a fast pace. You cannot expect subject matter expert quality in terms of information, but it can surprise and deliver decent quality articles that need only a few edits.

Article Forge Pricing

article forge pricing alternative to copy ai

Article Forge pricing offers three affordable variants starting with $27 per month offering 25k words, $57 per month for 250k words, or for $117 you can get unlimited words.

Article Forge vs Copy AI

The major difference between Article Forge and Copy AI or any writing AI tool is that Article Forge is truly an AI writer that writes full fletch articles while Copy AI and other AI writing tools are more like an assistant that needs to be assistant on every step of the way.

So, if you are on a tide budget with article production and cannot hire writers, then Article Forge could be your best option.

Get started now with Article Forge.

6. Frase Alternative

frase copy ai alternatives

Best for balanced AI writing needs.

Frase is a perfect combination of tools like Surfer SEO to help you figure out what keywords to use, and how to structure your headlines with AI writing tools like Jasper to create a lot of content in a short amount of time.

Their main goal is to help you research, write and optimize content that ranks 1st on Google in minutes instead of hours going from keyword to SEO-optimized article quickly and easily really transforming SEO and content creation with AI.

Frase AI is also one of the top Surfer SEO alternatives.

Frase Pros

  • Create fast SEO-friendly content
  • Speed up content creation and SEO processes
  • Effective topic research
  • Quick content brief creation
  • Great customer service

Frase Cons

  • Pricier if you want SEO add-on
  • Mostly only for SEO and content creation
  • Longer learning curve
  • Not as strong as other AI writers

Frase is Best for:

Frase is best for SEO writers and content writers that are focusing on creating SEO-friendly content to rank 1st on Google as fast as possible in terms of content creating and ranking.

Frase Pricing

frase pricing alternative to copy ai with surfer seo integration

Frase pricing comes with three variants starting from $45 per month which is great for small businesses and small content production teams. Then $115 gives you unlimited options for your content and of course they also have a custom plan for large teams and agencies.

Frase vs Copy AI

The major difference between Frase and Copy AI is that Frase is mainly focusing on creating SEO content for your website as fast as possible while Copy AI is focused on short-form content to generate messages and copies for any of your marketing campaigns.

However, Copy AI is trying to compensate for the SEO content with Surfer SEO integration, but this can get very expensive. With Frase, it is like to have an AI writing tool together with Surfer SEO, but their AI writing tool is not as well performing as others. Also check out our list of best Frase alternatives and competitors

7. Smart Copy by Unbounce Alternative

smart copy by unbounce copy ai alternative

Best for creating landing pages and ads.

Smart Copy is an AI writing tool that helps you to create copy for your landing pages, ads, email, subject lines, or basically anything you would need. It works well with other Unbounce products helping you create better converting landing pages much faster.

And with the Profiles feature you can help the tool to better understand your brand and create more engaging and authentic content that matches your target audience.

Smart Copy Pros

  • Affordable
  • Works with other Unbounce tools
  • Remove writer’s block
  • Chrome extension writing
  • 45+ copywriting templates

Smart Copy Cons

  • Only a few AI writing features
  • Mostly for ads or landing pages

Smart Copy is Best for:

Smart Copy is a great and affordable AI writing assistant for those that want to improve their conversions from landing pages and ads, whether it is for Facebook, Google, Instagram, or others.

Smart Copy Pricing

smart copy pricing alternative to copy ai

Smart Copy pricing comes with two options. The first is free, which is a great option to optimize a few of your copies on landing pages or ads every day or on regular basis. And the second option comes for $49 per month giving you unlimited access to their features. This is if your bread and butter is managing ads and landing pages for a bigger website or your clients.

Smart Copy vs Copy AI

The major difference between Smart Copy and Copy AI is that Copy AI is a complete AI writing tool giving you everything you would expect from it while Smart Copy is a very limited but affordable version of Copy AI with fewer features and the technology is not as advanced.

However, if you are on a budget or only need to optimize a few messages here and there, then Smart Copy could be your choice. Also check out the best Unbounce competitors.

8. WriterZen Alternative

writerzen copy ai alternative

Best for creating SEO content campaigns.

WriterZen is an AI Content and Semantic SEO toolset that helps you with your content workflow by putting together content pillars related to your niche or industry in order to build topical authority and satisfy the Google’s E-A-T.

It helps you to do effective keyword research and categorize keywords into keyword clusters and it provides useful metrics in order to target the best keywords in terms of ranking and organic traffic opportunities.

And of course, it also helps you to create SEO-friendly content to target those keywords with their AI writing tool.

WriterZen Pros

  • Great keyword research tool
  • Content briefs
  • Ranking fast in SERPs
  • Easy to use

WriterZen Cons

  • Keyword research limits
  • AI writing is not as good compared to others
  • Admin interface a bit outdated
  • Pricier if you need the AI writing assistant

WriterZen is Best for:

WriterZen is the best SEO and AI writing tool for SEO and content marketers that spend time on keyword research as well as creating high-quality content.

WriterZen Pricing

writerzen pricing alternative to copy ai

WriterZen pricing offers three plans, the lowest Basic plan starts at $39 per month giving you all the features only with lower quotes. The most popular plan costs $59 per month and the advanced is for $99 per month.

ai writing assistant add on writerzen copy ai alternatives

However, this does not include the AI writing assistant and you will need to add on for an additional $99 per month. So, in terms of AI writing tools, WriterZen is pricier, but it gives some unique features that can save a ton of time.

WriterZen vs Copy AI

The major difference between WriterZen and Copy AI is that WriterZen is focused on finding and targeting keywords for the best SEO results such as increased organic traffic and ranking but lacking in AI writing, while Copy AI is focused on creating the best copy for your marketing campaigns with limited SEO features but excelling as AI writing technology.

Copy AI Pros & Cons

Now, when you saw all the Copy AI alternatives, I would like to also point out the Copy AI strengths and weaknesses in order to decide whether you really need to find a Copy AI alternative, or if it is the best option for you.

Copy AI Pros

  • Access to 90 copywriting tools
  • High AI writing accuracy
  • Best free AI writing option
  • Consistent updates

Copy AI Cons

  • Only for short-form content
  • Sometimes buggy
  • Longer learning curve

Copy AI is Best for:

Copy AI is best for marketers with a limited budget that needs to create shot form content on social media or emails as well as great copies for their marketing campaigns.

Copy AI Pricing

copy ai pricing for copy ai alternatives

Copy AI pricing offers two plans. First is free offering all the 90+ copywriting tools, limited to only 2,000 words per month, and cutting on language options so, this will be only for English marketers, but still, they allow you unlimited projects.

And the second plan starts at $49 per month giving you full access and 40,000 words per month credit.

How to Choose the Best Copy AI Alternative? TL:DR

As you can see, all Copy AI alternatives have their own pros and cons, focusing on different things and helping customers in a different way and certainly they are one of the best AI writing tools on the market.

So, the key to choosing the right Copy AI alternative is to find out what exactly you need from AI writing tools.

Is it to generate long-form content, generic short-form content for any need, highly personalized content, or highly converting copies?

Whatever it is, first, you need to get a clear idea of how exactly and on what you will be using the AI writing tool the most.

Without understanding your needs, you probably won’t be able to choose the right tool.

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This article was created by Eduard Dziak and may contain affiliate links. The following were used to optimize the article for the best user and search engine experience include:

  • SE Ranking for keyword research and on-page SEO optimization
  • Surfer SEO for SEO-friendly content creation for users and search engines.
  • Jasper AI for grammar correction and information enhancement.

The article is based on the author’s own experience and knowledge, drawn from both their own work and that of their clients, to provide the latest, proven methods.

Our #1 Recommendation: Frase

Frase is the best copy ai alternative

Anyword is the best option for overall AI writing, be it for short copies, long blog posts or anything between.