b2b content marketing tips

In this article, we will look at some of the best B2B content marketing tips that help you bring value to your B2B Target Audience so you can start building trust with them and becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Creating just content for your audience is not enough anymore as every day there is more and more content and data created with exponential growth.

As 90% of all data has been created in the last two years and according to EMC, there are 40 zettabytes (40 trillion gigabytes) of data in the world and it would take a person approximately 181 million years to download all the data from the internet according to Unicorn Insights.

So, with such a fast pace of generating new data and information, we cannot just rely on creating any content that is easily accessible across the internet in any form whether as a blog post, video, infographic, book, etc.

But to be able to create B2B Content Marketing that Brings Value to Your B2B Target Audience you must create unique content that stands out. And that is exactly what I am going to share with you in this article.

Let’s get started:

1. Focus only on What People Want from You

The first B2B content marketing tip that you should be focusing on is what your target audience really wants from you.

Nowadays, marketers produce content more for search engines rather than for their target audience and it is because if you follow SEO guidelines you can expect to:

  • SEO can be primarily the source of your leads.
  • SEO drives 1,000% more traffic than organic social media (BridgeEdge)
  • SEO shows that an average of 14.6% close rate is achieved from SEO leads. (99firms)
  • SEO can make more than 40% of a company’s annual revenue (semgeeks)

Therefore it is no wonder, that marketers are focusing mostly on SEO and forgetting about the target audience as reading all the amazing stats about B2B SEO makes you really want it to do that too.

But we cannot forget about our b2b target audience as they are the reason why we are producing content and they are the ones who can buy your product or services.

Because creating your b2b content marketing for your target audience will reflect their specific needs and more resonates with them, and it will make them feel you are understanding their problems and pains and therefore most likely you have a solution for them.

It will raise awareness by helping them understand what your company does and that you are the subject matter expert in the industry.

Also, you will be drawing their attention to your products or services that can provide help to their needs.

And to improve your messaging and understand what your target audience really wants from you there are 3 keys to do that:

Key #1: Solve Pain Points and Problems

The first key to focusing only on what people want from you is to focus on their pain points and a problem they are facing and how you can solve them with your b2b content marketing.

You must remember that whenever your potential customers are searching for your products and services they are searching for a solution to their problems and pain points that they are experiencing.

Whether it is in their private life or professional life they are always searching for a solution to their pains and problems.

Therefore, in running a business, you are responsible for solving your target audience’s problems and it is not their job.

And to show them that you are solving the pains and needs they have, you must address them within your content, whether it is on social media, email marketing, blogs, or landing pages.

Because nobody will be bothered to find out if you are solving this problem and pain or not. If the message is not clear that you are providing a solution to their problem, they will go somewhere else, where it is obviously stated.

According to Tony Haile, we have 15 seconds to grab the reader or user’s attention before we completely lose them.

create b2b content marketing that brings value customer-pain-points-landing-page-example

Remember, people are more motivated to solve problems and reduce the pain than gain something and by addressing their pains and problems within your content you can motivate people to take the action faster.

According to the Loss Aversion Effect when people or organizations do rationalize the need for change, the motivation to invest to avoid a probable loss is twice as powerful as the motivation to spend to achieve a potential gain.

Therefore, writing your headlines and copies in a way that will solve problems or avoid future coming pains is more powerful than writing about your awesome features and capabilities, but do not forget about them, as we will get to them as well, because everything has its purpose. However, also, don’t forget the SEO aspects of headlines.

Key #2: Deliver Benefits and Values

The second key to focusing on what people want from you is to deliver the benefits of your product and services. Hey! I never said that people do not respond to benefits.

People are creatures that want everything, that means, they want to avoid the problem but also if they can gain at the same time, it is even better, right?

Therefore we want to avoid pain and to gain pleasure or benefits if we can and that is what motivates us to take action, without these two emotions barely anybody will take any action.

status quo create for b2b content marketing tips


And these also apply to businesses the same way as according to Status Quo Bias, people and businesses decide to do nothing or stick with the same answer until and unless people and organizations perceive a compelling and urgent reason to change, they will always be inclined to prefer to stick with the status quo.

So, with addressed pains and problems, there is still room for delivering the benefits of your products and services. Of course, we should help our prospects recognize the unique and relevant benefits that our services or products are offering.

As fundamentally, showing your values and benefits is the big key of every content marketing, and therefore promoting the positive gains of your products or services is an important aspect of focusing on what your prospects want.

Key #3: Add Features Very Last

And the last key to focusing on what your prospects want from you are bringing up the main features and capabilities that are included within your products or service.

Using features within your content marketing is as well a very important part of your content marketing, especially if you are claiming that your solutions are solving these kinds of problems and bringing these kinds of benefits to your customers.

According to Simon Sinek, we should be creating a value proposition with the golden circle model, why, how, and what.

simon sinek golden circle model why how what create b2b content marketing that brings value


In the video, Mr. Simon Sinek explained the importance of why we should start with why move on to explain how and lastly what. And that is exactly what I am trying to explain here when focusing on what people want.

Solving pains and problems is why your prospects are searching for you in the first place and why you are in the marketplace. What are the benefits and gains and how do they are benefiting from choosing your solution. Those two are the emotional part. And lastly is what, which represents the features, and the logical part of us.

Now when you take care of the emotional part of your prospect and he/she is listening and paying full attention as you clearly explain you can help them and they can benefit from you, but you need to back it up.

With features, you satisfy the logical part of their brain, as just by promising you can solve this and that without explaining what you are using to solve these, will make them doubt you.

Therefore, clearly explaining your features and how they are solving the problems and bringing benefits to your customers is the last and essential key to focusing only on what people/prospects want from you.

2. Go Deep and Do not Just Scratch the Surface

The next on our list of B2B content marketing tips is to share your real knowledge, go deep, and don’t just scratch the surface of the topic, as that is easy and everybody can do that and most freelancer writers do just that.

The problem in today’s educational and informational world is that many people want to be a famous expert in some topic, without investing the time and effort to become an expert.

Also according to the findings of the Association for Psychology Science, self-proclaimed experts are more vulnerable to the illusion of knowledge, and more likely they are to allege knowledge of completely made-up information and false facts, a phenomenon known as “overclaiming.”

And from my point of view, used to be, that if a person wanted to be called an expert it required 20 years of experience, having a degree from a prestigious school, a great resume, and being a keynote speaker on well-known business events.

And even though I hope and believe that school, resume, and being a keynote speaker do not show your real ability and expertise I seriously believe that a great deal of experience is required for a person to be called an expert.

But unfortunately, nowadays you can become an “expert” just by hitting the bio update button. Therefore, everyone is an expert in today’s world.