Creating content is more important than ever before. Thanks to Information Age b2b content marketing become more important than ever.

People are hungry for fresher and more educational content every single day, especially when it’s for free.

With rising Google, people love to search for something they are interested in and what they want to learn more about.

With that, it means you don’t need to go to university to learn about something you are passionate or interested in, but you only need to type a few words on Google and YouTube and start learning.

Thanks to that, content marketing is becoming one of the top marketing strategies to bring more leads and achieve business objectives.

Of course, there is some work required but if b2b content marketing is done right, it can bring you more business than any other strategy you have ever used.

So, stay with me and learn more about b2b content marketing.


What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B Content marketing is the act of creating any type of written and recorded content which is then distributed across multiple channels to achieve business objectives like brand awareness and increase sales.

It is a highly effective marketing strategy used by most of the b2b marketers around the world and one of the least expensive b2b strategies.

With less spending on b2b content marketing, the preparation requirements are but higher than other b2b marketing strategies as content marketing has essential rules which need to be followed.

B2B content marketing is used online like on social media and website and offline like on events and off-site visiting and it is nothing new for marketers, but the way how to create the content and distribute it has changed a lot in the past 2 decades.

Why do You Need Content Marketing in B2B?

Let’s be frank if there are no benefits why would be doing b2b content marketing?

Well, let me give you a few why you should actually use content marketing in your b2b industry as it hides incredible benefits for your business.

Because great content marketing can help you with achieving your business objectives with fewer resources as it can work day in and day out for your business and much more.

B2B Content Marketing Benefits

  • Generated more quality leads to your business thanks to the easy way it can be distributed across multiple channels.
  • Increase conversions with valuable content which increases the trustworthiness of your business.
  • Improve SEO with regularly publishing content the search engines have more pages to crawl and rank you for more keywords
  • Increased web traffic with more content people has the chance to get more answers to their questions and a higher chance to find you online.
  • Increase Credibility for your business as you share valuable information and people can see you as an educated and expert in your field. (I suppose you are if not, I think first learn then sell)
  • Generate Links to your business when you create helpful content, people want to share it which means that there are more sources to meet your business.

With that being said, content marketing can definitely bring companies great results but only a few of them are actually using it right.

And unfortunately, not everyone has a mature content marketing.

How is B2B Content Marketing Different from B2C?

There are some differences between b2b and b2c content marketing which you should be aware of because each of them has a different purpose to improve business objectives.

Therefore, when you are focusing on creating b2b content you should know the differences between them so you can avoid the common mistakes when you are creating b2b content.

Especially when there is so much misleading information about what should be done and whatnot.

And that is why I want to talk to you about the difference of b2b content marketing so you can get ahead of your competition.

Differences in B2B Content Marketing

  • Smaller focused target market so you can create more personalized and helpful content to different groups.
  • Less personal and more value your content should deliver value as your main goals are to educate and establish credibility to become trustworthy.
  • Audience seeking efficiency & expertise because when you are buying something expensive you want to make sure you make the right decision. Otherwise, you can get fired.
  • Building relationships with your target audience is super important as people just don’t trust strangers and if your target audience doesn’t trust you, they will never buy from you.

Those are the main differences of b2b content marketing you should have in the head when you are creating the b2b content marketing as you want to make sure it works.

Look at the infographic from MarketingProfs to find out more about the difference between b2b and b2c marketing.

With that being said, we already know what is actual b2b content marketing, why you need it, the benefits of It, and how it is different from b2c content marketing.

Therefore, let’s move to the actual doing how to create highly effective b2b content marketing with these 5 b2b content marketing tactics.

5 B2B Content Marketing Tactics

Developing successful content marketing starts knowing the right tactics you should use within it. Therefore let me tell you my favourite content marketing tactics for your b2b organizations to level up your content marketing game.

1. Personalized Content

I have already talked about personalized content as your goal should be helpful to your target audience.

Because each of the decision-makers has different questions and interest in the product and you need to make sure you help all of them.

That’s why, when you are creating content, you need to think what role you are targeting with your content, is it CMO, CEO or CTO?

As I said, each of these roles as different questions and interests and if you want your content marketing to be as effective as possible, you should focus on creating specially created content for each of them.

Like this, you will help them the most and they do not need to search for the information and most likely they will trust you.

You do all the leg work for them and that’s what people like, especially busy people like C-levels.

2. Use Storytelling

Once upon a time… Okay maybe not like this, but storytelling is a very important aspect of successful b2b marketing strategy.

Because people love to listen to the stories. Since humans could speak, we have been telling and listening stories next to fire camp.

There are so many studies on the human brain and how it reacts to storytelling.

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.

Steve Jobs

Look, your business is different and unique, and you should share the story with them, show them what you have achieved, be enthusiastic.

Trust me, people who will do business with you, they want to hear it.

For example, when you are creating about page, share the story of yours when say what made you start your own business, what is your vision, etc.

It works very well, and people will talk about it.

Also, share the stories of your happy customers, it helps with building trust and credibility. People need to have proof that you have done that and know what you are doing, and case studies are great, especially when you say it as a story.

3. Educational Content

I assume if you have started a company it is in the industry know a lot and has plenty of experience and some passion too.

Sharing your knowledge helps your business to become the leader in the industry as people can read what you have learned and know what you actually do.

The educational content helps establish credibility with your target audience and well written educational content improves the odds of other people sharing it.

When you are creating educational content you should have in mind to who you can educate and what you can address, the pains and needs.

With that, you are focus on solving the problem within the content.

Remember, b2b marketing content is all about people start trusting you, that you are the one who can help them.

Hence, what is the point of writing an article about something you can’t help them with, isn’t it?

4. Share Your Content

I assume you have created great content that you should be proud of! That’s why always make sure, you are sharing the content on multiple channels.

There are great b2b marketing channels where you should share your content like for example LinkedIn, Twitter or even Quora and many

Also, don’t forget to share it on your website!

All of these have people who are interested in your content and the more you share it with others the more you can help people=bring more business for you or your company.

Although why would you create something and just hide it in your computer or drawer?

Share it with the world, if you fear criticism, don’t worry, it will only help you to grow!

The more people read it the better because you can get feedback on what to improve on, or even better the higher engagement with your piece of content.

So, share your b2b content!

5. Repurpose the Content

When you are actively creating content and do not repurpose it, then you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Incorporating AI content marketing and AI content marketing tools can help you efficiently repurpose your content across various platforms and formats.

Once you start creating content there are so many ways how you can do slight changes and create multiple types of content like podcasts, videos, blog, and eBooks.

All of these bring different streams of the targeted audience and if you do not do that and rely on only 1 source then you are taking a massive risk, because imagine that stream suddenly stop working, then what?

Look for example.

You have created 10 amazing blog posts about your solutions and pains related to your industry. Now, it is not hard to take the blog and create video and put it on YouTube and then create a podcast.

Like this, you will maximize the hard work of creating the actual content.

1 piece of content can have many ways to drive your traffic.

Summary of 5 Critical B2B Content Tactics That Actually Works

B2B content marketing is still very effective and will be in the next decade. Yes, technology is changing every time and the way how to distribute the content, but the core principles always stay the same.

The more you create helpful and valuable content the more your business will drive.

Yes, for sure you have heard about that “content is king” and it applies more than ever before, so make sure you are in this game, as it will give you great benefits and help your business.

I am always excited to publish more content in my b2b company as it worked very well, and I have a consistent stream of good quality leads.

And if you want consistent leads too, start thinking about how you can create b2b content marketing for your business.

So, I hope it helped you and let me know if you have any questions!

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