7 key elements of succesfful b2b content marketing strategy

Marketing is about how well can you communicate with your prospect’s across multiple channels, keep consistency and clear messaging that you will never confuse your prospects and only lead them to where you want them to be. Nowadays important elements of marketing are about how effective is your b2b content marketing strategy is, so people will be interested in what you have to offer.

Of course, that marketing is more than just writing a copy and selling to your prospects but to offer valuable and helpful content even if prospects do not buy from you.

Yes, marketing, especially business to business marketing is all about providing value and helping your target audience. And companies which had mastered providing value on every step of the buyer journey had created lead generation machine which brings leads day in and day out.

But even writing only helpful content is just not enough and there are 7 key elements you should know when you are creating your b2b content marketing strategy, as these key elements will help you to succeed with your marketing.

So, whether you already having a content marketing strategy or just starting, learn these 7 key elements to bring the best out of your b2b content marketing strategy.

I organize them in the order so it can work for you as a checklist whenever you are creating a marketing copy.

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7 Elements of B2B Content Marketing Strategy

1.      Define Purpose

The first of the 7 elements is your purpose behind the piece of content you want to create it. Whether it is eBook, whitepaper, blog post, brochure, or email all of them need to have a clear purpose of why you want to create a piece of marketing content.

You need to think of what you want to actually achieve when you are creating the content, because if you do not have a clear purpose of the content then it will hardly do anything.

I mean, how can you actually even create it if you do not know why you need it in the first place.

But let’s be clear, I am not talking about making more money for your business, that’s not a purpose, that is the result of your purpose.

So, let me give you an example.

I have come up with a new version of the product and I would like to get quickly a new people in. The best way to bring quickly new customers is to come to people who already bought from you, your customers.

So, I decided to send them an email with a clear purpose of offering them a new version of my product.

Like this, I already know what purpose is for writing the email and so I can structure my offer and the email in the way that it can bring more click-through-rate and more sales.

But as I said, without a purpose, I can’t do that.

So, think about, what you want to actually achieve with your copy, what is the purpose.

2.      Have Knowledge

Spending time with marketers made me realize that most b2b marketers have some kind of idea, that they do not need to know the product in and out and they only need to know the basics.

These marketers spend a lot of time creating copies, visuals, trying to come up with catchy headlines and titles to make people interested, but most of these b2b marketers fail.


The customer expects you to have knowledge of their stuff, not just your stuff.


Because marketers have no idea what they actually sell!

So this problem I would like to point out especially in b2b marketing in the IT industry, where the products are complicated, and still, marketers don’t bother themselves to spend some time and properly learn the product.

Listen, if you do not know your product and service in and out then you can never come up with proper marketing because you can’t understand the people, the product, and what it makes special.

So, that’s why my second element of successful b2b content marketing strategy is Knowledge!

If you do not have any idea of what you are selling, then rather spending hours trying to come up with the best copy, spend more time on educating yourself about the product and customers they are using it.

After a while, you will be surprised by what kind of crazy and cool ideas you can come up, once you understand your products and services.

So, b2b marketers, before you do anything learn more about your product if you have not master’s it yet.

3.      Create Segmentation

Unfortunately, this is not new stuff, but many b2b marketers have not realized how actually important segmentation is for marketing.

Market segmentation is basic stuff within marketing and many marketers know the power of it and that you need to create segment within your target audience, email list and so no, so then you can create more personalized content.

And not using segmentation usually lead to generic content which has very little effect on your readers as only a few of them find it relevant to their problem.

Yes, prospects are not searching for a “close enough” solution, they want perfectly fit tailored solutions for them and that especially applies in b2b marketing where the price is high and business unique.

Therefore, creating generic content has no effect as I mentioned, prospects are searching for the perfect fit solution, so they can feel confident they are choosing the right product.

That’s why to have market segment is so important for your business as you can segment your target audience into a specific group with similarities and tailor the content to their specific needs, industry and so on.

Once you create segmentation, you will be surprised how your CTR and conversion rate increase thanks to special content just for your segmented group.

4.      Include Personalization

Let’s take the segmentation a bit further and personalized your b2b content marketing with names and special made content only for the prospect.

Personalization has been here already for some time and we can see it mostly in emails, where marketers using automated tools to send email to hundreds or thousands of subscribers, but each email is unique with the name of the recipient.

This basic tactic has been here already for some time but it seems to me that only a few b2b marketers have properly utilized the power of this tactic.

But with improving technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning we can push the personalization a bit further.

Companies like Netflix, Uber, Instagram, and Pinterest have realized how important is to make personalized everything.

So, whenever you log in into your account on their websites, you have always a content made especially for you, whether it is your friends’ content or your hobby.

These companies trying to create a dynamic website where reader choose what interest them.

But what about b2b marketers what can we do about this?

Like I already said, with improving technologies like AI, Machine Learning and internet speed, we can create a dynamic website with specifically tailored content to your target audience.

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With integration to social media like LinkedIn, the website can easily read who is your prospect and offer specifically related content to his/her industry, role, and interest.

5.      Choose Right Channel

Our next topic of effective elements of b2b content marketing strategy is the channel you want to use to distribute the content.

As my mom always said: “Everything has its own place” and that also applies to your content too.

As there are many different channels within your b2b content marketing which you can use to share your message, but each of channel has its advantages and disadvantages and that’s why you should choose wisely your channel.

Because choosing the wrong channel can reduce or even kill the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

So, when you are using your channel think about your target audience and what kind of message you want to distribute and to whom.

Having in mind specific personas will help you to determine which b2b content marketing channel you should use for maximizing ROI for your budget.

Hence, creating a perfect infographic about your product and trying to put it on YouTube will not be as effective as putting on your LinkedIn profile or blog.

So, even if you’ve got the killer copy, choosing the wrong channel can not be as effective as if you would choose a different channel.

That’s why having the right channel for your content is essential for your content marketing.

6. Have Proper Timing

Time can be marketing friend or enemy, if it is used properly, your marketing can gain 90% of success from the 10% of effort but the time needs to be just right.

As one of my favourite quotes stated:

“It’s all about timing,

If it’s too soon, no one will understand.

If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.”

Anna Wintour

And that applies for marketing the same way, maybe even more than in some other departments.

Timing is an essential part of elements of your b2b email content and all contents as you need to know when is the perfect time to come up with a new product, when should you announce changes, or when to promote it.

For example, creating special promotions on Christmas is just perfect timing.

Nowadays we can use data to analyze and to predict when is the perfect time to come up with your marketing and it is much easier and precise then it used to be.

But still, the timing can be the hardest of all b2b email marketing elements as we can never exactly predict whether the market conditions are just right, the target audience is ready for the new technology and people having enough money to invest in your product.

Timing is a tricky part and our best bet is to collect as much data and then analyze it to make a smarter and informed decision, but still, we can’t predict 100% whether the market place is ready or not.

7. Create Persuasion [Selling]

My last part of 7 elements of successful b2b content marketing the strategy is the selling part when you put it all together and persuade people to buy from you.

I have met many great people who are having great ideas, a ton of value to offer but yet they can’t make a breakthrough for some reasons.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of really great people in the world but many of them will never be discovered and that is thanks to their inability to sell themselves.

Luckily, I have had the honour to work with a few very interesting people and they make look everything so easy as they have the talent and potential, just missing the essential skill of selling.

Therefore, my very last but not least element is the selling part.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product, the best service if you do not know how to sell it.

So, learn how to sell whether it is in person in the copy is an essential skill for you to enquire to successfully promote and sell your product and services.

I understand that for some people it can be hard to sell, and it requires a thick skin, but without selling you can’t make a profit, without profit, you can’t scale to help more people.

As my mentor said:

“You can’t help them if you don’t sell them”

Dan Lok

Therefore, make sure your content marketing has the last element for you to become successful as without selling you can’t make money.

Summary of the 7 Key Elements of B2B Content Marketing Strategy

I have spent countless hours creating the perfect copies and marketing materials over time and whenever I have analyzed my best-selling marketing materials, I have realized that all of them having these 7 elements of b2b email and content marketing strategy.

That’s why I am so excited to share my best tips with you, so even you can create the best-selling marketing materials for your department.

Remember, marketing is not scripted work, where you can get step by step process as it is a more creative and unique way to promote your product and services.

But as every successful concept whether it is in marketing, selling or playing a sport, all of them are having principles which never change or rarely.

Because marketing tactics and strategies are changing every day, as today the most effective tactic is personalization and the next day it can be something else, but principles always stay the same.

Therefore, I want to give you a bonus.

Marketing Most Important Principle [Bonus]

My last word for you is that principles always stay no matter what and the most important b2b marketing principle is building trust, credibility, and relationship with your prospects as these are the key elements of every successful sale within your business.

Without these you can’t sell anybody as nobody would buy from you, if they do not trust you, don’t like you and don’t see you as qualify a person to solve their problems, then they will never buy from you.

I mean would you go to the butcher for heart surgery?

I hope you have enjoyed my article and it will help you to create better marketing materials. Let me know whether you are already using these 7 elements or you had some “AHA” moment.

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