The benefits of blogging are that it can help you deliver your messages to your prospects in ways and across many channels, but all comes down to a content which is beneficial to the reader when he sees it. If you have no value to offer them in your copy, then they will not be interested. Because people do not want to be sell, but they want to buy and feel they are steering the ship, the captain when they are making the buying decision. And that applies to b2b marketing as b2c marketing the same way. Therefore, you want to offer them valuable content in your blog posts so they can find it themselves with your help through SEO practices. It is absolutely not a pushy tactic for your prospects, and they will find you when they need you and that’s the biggest benefit for your prospect.

But what about your actual benefits of creating a b2b blog and why you should care to try to create helpful content for your readers so they can get the value? In the end, it all comes down the human nature when we always ask ourselves “what’s in it for me, how do I actually benefit?”

That’s why I am writing this blog post to give you 7 powerful reasons why you should start a B2B blog strategy so you can start getting these 7 most important benefits for your b2b company.

1. B2B Blog Brings 67% More Leads Than If You Don’t Blog

As I already said, a blog is a highway to your business, when people are having struggles then they are searching for solutions on them and blog offering a way how to actually solve the struggles for them.

Therefore, there is no wonder that B2B companies who are having dedicated b2b strategy for their blog are experiencing 67% more leads than those who actually do not create a b2b blog.

So, if you want to bring more leads online to your business, then write more content on your website so people have an actual way to get to your business online. Especially if you write helpful articles then it tends to work over a long period of time.

Of course, there are some rules if you want to be getting benefits from the b2b blog which you need to follow to really get those 67% more leads but it all comes down to creating helpful content to the targeted audience.

Which makes sense, because you can write the best blog article about the benefits of drinking water, but if the audience is a bunch of hungry guys then they will not find the value or need to actually become leads.

But that is not the point of this article, the point is that if you start a B2B blogging with helpful content and the right SEO strategies you can benefit from having more leads for your business. So definitely B2B blogging is good for business.

2. 13 Times Higher Positive ROI on Inbound Marketing

Money is the reason why we are talking about it today, isn’t it? So, let me give you more benefits of creating good quality B2B blog marketing and that is 13 times higher positive ROI on your Inbound Marketing which I would say is reasonable to start thinking about b2b blog.

Look, as we all know, marketing is about the value you deliver to your prospects and money to your company, and that is why blogging is so powerful because it satisfies both sides in a very good way.

Yes, there are many tactics and strategies which you can apply to your b2b marketing but only a few of them are so effective as this one.

For example, PPC (pay-per-click/ AdWords from Google for example) usually brings only 2$ on every ad dollar spend on average. I do not want to put some dirt on it, as I am using PPC as well, but my main goal is not to profit from PPC. Check best tools to report your PPC performance.

But on the other side, this ROI from blogging it takes some time to get back. Let me give you an example. I will publish this article on 18/12/2019 and I expect that it will start bringing good traffic somewhen in July 2020.

So, be patient and you will get the results and benefits from the b2b blog.

3. B2B Blog Reduce Sales and Conversion Cycle over Period of Time

For some b2b companies can be acquisition per customer a really high expense. You know, when you need to take your prospect for dinner, to the golf club, or give a special gift to make you win the deal.

Especially the longer it takes the more expensive it will be to bring your prospect on board, that’s why one of the key questions for b2b companies is how to reduce the sales cycle.

Also, your marketing has a conversation cycle on the mind. When you want to people opt-in your email list or sign up for your workshop, it can take some time too.

Remember, in marketing, we have a rule “Prospects need to see it 7 times before they actually see it for the first time” After that, you start getting attention from them.

So, and that’s the 3rd benefit of having a b2b blog for your company. It decreases your sales cycle within your sales in some cases even 15%.

In Marketing, it can go up to 50% for some conversation rate, for example for your email list. (Which is btw next great b2b marketing strategy you should have. Why I will tell you about it next time!)

That being said, when you will hear your Directors complain about getting leads to close takes so long, you have a great solution to offer them.

4. Increase Conversion of B2B Leads

Okay, we have talked about that blogging reduces your sales cycle and marketing conversation cycle to get your prospects to buy or take some valuable action to your marketing.

On top of reducing the time of the cycles, you will also increase your conversion rate for the above-mentioned cycles.

Yes, you will also benefit from having a higher conversion rate for each of those as the 4th benefit of creating blog content marketing.

This happens due to establishing the higher credibility for your website in terms of prospects mind and also search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When you start creating quality blog content then people will find you very helpful and genuine that you want to actually help them without selling them. That built trust and as I mentioned, give prospects a choice to make a more rational decision.

And because of that, the rational decision is to get help from somebody who knows, and that is you, as you showed in your blog posts. (That’s why you need to create helpful articles, that to show you know)

You will ease people mind with finding the right person to help them with their problems, that will cause an increment in your conversation is you become the thought leader and expert in your industry.

5. Improve Quality of Leads

I already touched upon how blogs actually improve your quality of leads too. And that’s thanks to targeting. When you are writing a blog post you are, or you should have a certain target audience that you want to send this message/blog post.

Creating a b2b blog is about targeting the right people with certain pains, problems, and needs you to want to address and bring them a solution, which includes your product or service. But also, a solution which can be applied without buying anything.

That’s shows you really want to help your readers and not just sell them.

So, when you are writing or outsourcing blog posts have in mind who you are actually helping, is it the users, decision-makers, or whole company. Whoever it is, you need to know it before you start, and then it will improve your quality of leads as they will feel you talking to them and understanding their problems.

Once you understand then they are more open to having a conversation with you to share even more insights related to their problems. So, don’t forget to listen.

To summarize, targeting is to improve your quality leads and blogging is a great way how to target your audience.

6. B2B Blog Add Credibility to Your Company

Imagine that you come to a doctor with pain in your arm. Usually, the process is that the doctor asks you why you are here, where is it painful, when is it happen to analyze the possible cause of the pain.

Once the doctor has enough information, he will describe to you, what he thinks it could be. Usually, they use lame man terms so you can understand and throw there some medical terms in it as well.

You carefully listen to him and with every word his credibility and expertise grow in you. After the explanation, you’ll do exactly what your doctor said.

This is caused by the credibility your doctor has, which gives the title and expertise which he shared with you. The same applies to your b2b blog.

If you share your knowledge freely that readers can understand it, and also feel you are the expert in the field, then you grow your credibility too.

This directly influences all the b2b blog benefits above I have mentioned.

In the end, the prospect needs to trust you to buy from you and the only way, he can trust you is that he will see you as a knowledgable, experienced company with good success rate.

Obviously, you wouldn’t go to a butcher with your painful arm, isn’t it? For your prospect, it applies the same.

Writing b2b blog adds that credibility because you share your hardly earn knowledge and you are happy to share it for free.

Especially when people come to your blog, they are open to listening (read) the same as you come to the doctor’s clinic.

So, keep this in mind.

7. Bring More Traffic to Your Website

The last but not least important benefit is increasing your website traffic. After all those benefits of the b2b blog, I would like to address the most obvious benefit which actually causes all the benefits from above.

Yes, B2B blogging becoming the main and cheapest source of traffic for your website. Yes, I said, cheapest because creating b2b blog is not for free and therefore organic traffic, that’s what you call people coming to your website through blog posts, cost you some money.

Even though you can hear that organic traffic is for free, but unfortunately nothing is for free nowadays.

So, if you do everything right you can benefit from the increment of traffic for your website, and all the benefits I have talked about earlier.

Remember, your b2b website is something like your digital home where your customers and prospects come to get advice, learn more about you, and get help. So, create your blog your traffic driver, and website to get the best possible customer experience.

Summary of Benefits of B2B Blog

Blogging became important for any type of business, whether you are in b2b or b2c industry, you should start creating regular and helpful content so you can benefit from all the above.

But remember, if you do not have knowledge or resources to actually create an effective b2b blog marketing strategy, you can easily outsource it. There are plenty of good freelancers who are happy to share their knowledge and help your business.

Be fast if you want to start blogging as trends are coming and leaving, so make sure you catch this one because day by day it is becoming harder to succeed in the blogging world.

For you to have some benchmark data about b2b blogs.

  • It takes about 35-40 weeks for your blog post to get 90% of the traffic.
  • 1 blog posts bring around 500visitors on average.
  • You need to have at least 50 blog posts for search engines see you worth to be ranked on their platform.
  • Blog posts drive traffic for months and even years if done properly.

Keep this in mind that blogging is not fast results, but it pays dividends over a long period of time. So, when you will propose the idea of creating a b2b blog to senior management, make sure, they know this.

Otherwise, after a month they will chase you for the promised results.

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