seo how many keywords per page

In SEO, keywords are fundamentally important to effectively drive results for your business regardless you’re in business SEO, affiliate SEO, or just blogging for fun.

Therefore, the old question in SEO how many keywords per page has been asked many times, so here I am to give you the proper answer as well as answer your other related questions to help you with your SEO journey.

Let’s get nerding!

How Many SEO Keywords Per Page?

In SEO, you should be targeting only one primary keyword per page and additionally, you should try to optimize the page for 2-20 secondary keywords.

The primary keyword is the main version of the keyword you want to target. This keyword is the main topic you will want to write about.

And secondary keywords also called LSI keywords are keywords that are semantically very relevant to the primary keyword/topic and are closely associated together. These keywords help you to provide more details, including the right information for your users, and help search engines like Google to index your content properly.

secondary and primary keyword difference

For example, if I would be talking about “on-page SEO” as my primary keyword or main topic, then some of the secondary keywords that are closely related to this primary keyword would be “title tag, meta description, keywords, internal links,” etc.

To identify if the keyword is primary or secondary check out my guide on keyword analysis as well as keyword mapping.

It’s important to think about keywords as topics and every piece of content should be focusing on only one topic at a time.

Of course, naturally, you might include way more SEO keywords in your piece of content. However, you should be focusing on targeting only one primary keyword per page.

And the reasons why are because:

  • Easy to Target Search intent: Modern search engines are about answering user questions as fast as possible and search intent means the reason behind the user’s keyword or what information they want to receive. So, by targeting one primary keyword it’s easier to meet the user’s search intent.
  • Avoid Keyword Cannibalization: With targeting only one primary keyword per page it’s easier to stay organized on what SEO keywords you have and will target and avoid keyword cannibalization.
  • Easier to Produce High-Quality Content: Just like when writing a research or a school paper, you are only focusing on one main topic or one question as more than that would make it extremely difficult to provide the right information, and answers to questions and keep it organized.
  • Improve Site Architecture: Your site architecture should be planned together with keyword research as one page should target one keyword which should reflect in SEO URLs.
  • Optimize for Semantic SEO: Semantic SEO is an essential part of effectively ranking in Google, thus, by targeting only one primary keyword you will be able to optimize for Semantic SEO.

For example, if you look at this page, you can see, that the primary keyword the page is optimized for is “inventory optimization”.

example of primary keyword in seo how many keywords per page

And some of the secondary keywords included on this page are “forecasting demand, inventory policy, product life cycle, inventory management” as these secondary keywords are super relevant to the main topic.

example of secondary keyword in seo how many keywords per page

How Many Keywords to Use in a Blog?

You should be using only one primary keyword and up to 20 secondary or LSI keywords per single blog post.

For example, if you look at any of my articles such as on Press Release SEO you can see that I am targeting only one primary keyword per article.

And you can clearly see that as I include the primary keyword in my URL, headline, and introduction as well as in other places which are important on-page SEO factors.

seo how many keywords per page example of primary keyword used in blog

However, if you are asking how many keywords you should target with your entire blog then the answer is as many as you can as long as the keywords are relevant to your niche or industry you are targeting.

For example, if you are in a gardening niche, then you will want to target all the SEO keywords related to gardening, planting, growing plants, etc. but obviously, you would not target keywords related to SEO, finance, construction, and other non-related niches.

Your goal should be to target at least 3 primary keywords per week IF you have the resources. For example, I only target one primary keyword per week as do not have the resources because I write all the articles myself and create all the graphics.

Therefore, I produce only 1 article per week and occasionally I manage two articles per week, but that’s very rare.

Remember quality always comes first. But what you can do, is to first target low competition keywords with low word count so you can produce more articles per week and still meet the search intent and create high-quality SEO content.

How Many Keywords to target on the Homepage?

You should target only one primary keyword and up to 20 secondary keywords on your homepage just like with the rest of the pages.

However, what’s important is which keyword you should target with your homepage.

The reason why is that your homepage is the most authoritative page on your website. Therefore, you should target your most important keyword on your homepage to drive relevant and organic traffic.

Now which keyword is the most important for your website really depends on the niche you are in as well as your business model.

For example, Salesforce is selling CRM software. Therefore, the keyword “CRM software” is the most important keyword and they are targeting it on their homepage.

salesforce homepage keyword targeting seo how many keywords per page

For Search Engine Journal it is SEO and everything around search engines so they target the keyword “SEO” with their homepage.