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What Makes a High-Quality Backlinks? 5 Important Aspects

The first thing you must understand if you want to build high-quality backlinks for your website is to understand what aspects make a high-quality backlink.

So, let me share with you the 5 most important aspects you want to check every time you want to build a backlink from a site to ensure it is high quality:

Aspect #1: Website Authority

It used to be that Google showed you the website authority by giving you the PageRank for each of the ranking websites, which made it easy to understand whether Google sees your page as authoritative or not.

pagerank showed googles importance of a page

But Google’s PageRank Toolbar was canceled in 2016 and ever since SEO tools like SE Ranking and others developed their own formula to show approximate website authority based on the number of referring domains and backlinks, from which sites they are coming from, and other aspects.

se ranking domain trust shows approximate pagerank high quality backlinks

And obviously the higher the DT, the better influence it will have on your ranking, however, the harder it is to get a backlink from such an authoritative domain.

Therefore, if you are starting a new website and have a small DT yourself, then I recommend you to stay around your ballpark and start with websites with a domain trust of 20 to build high-quality backlinks and then walk your way up, as you are growing.

starting with low authority websites to build high quality backlinks

Aspect #2: Organic Traffic

The second important aspect to determine whether a backlink from a website is high quality is to look at the website’s organic traffic using an SEO tool.

Organic traffic is a great indicator of Google’s trust. If Google does not trust a website, then it will not send any organic traffic to the website.

Therefore, if you want to build a high-quality backlink from a website you should verify if that website is generating AT LEAST 500 organic traffic, preferably 1,000 according to your SEO tool.

recommended organic traffic for getting high quality backlinks

Because these tools tend to underestimate organic traffic, especially for smaller websites, thus, their organic traffic might be around 5,000-10,000.

Aspect #3: Organic Traffic Location

The third important aspect of getting high-quality backlinks is to look at where the website is getting its organic traffic.

This is especially important to look at if you are targeting a certain country or location because your ranking will improve based on website organic traffic location.

getting high quality backlinks from targeted location

For example, if my target locations are the main English-speaking countries such as UK, United States, Australia, and Canada, then websites that drive traffic mostly from India I would skip even if their website brings a ton of visitors.

high traffic from non targeted country not good for high quality backlinks

And focus on those that drive mostly organic traffic from my targeted locations even if it is way less organic traffic in general.

website driving organic traffic from my targeted location is great for high quality backlinks