In this article, you will learn how you can become an expert in blogger outreach. You’ll discover how to find the right blogging sites, segment them, how to find the right person and their contact information, how to create the perfect emails that convert, and finally how to scale the whole process.

Not only that, but I will also give you the best practices for blogger outreach to ensure your first blogger outreach campaign doesn’t end up in spam or deleted but gets the desired results.

And you will learn a lot more and we have a lot to cover, so let’s get started:

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What is Blogger Outreach?

Proper Blogger outreach is a process of researching, connecting, and persuading bloggers in a non-spammy way by using outreach tactics and strategies in order to achieve your objective such as giving you a backlink, promoting your product or services, collaborating, and others. Also, at the same time build a relationship with your prospects and it is an essential strategy for growing your website and online presence.

what is blogger outreach

Unfortunately, most people that are trying to do blogger outreach want to simplify and half-ass the process, avoid the difficult parts, scale it without personalization, and in any other way save their time, which often results in terrible emails like this one:

bad example of blogger outreach

But this is not a blogger outreach. Blogger outreach is personalized, researched, and well-crafted plan, with a message to the right person to build relationships, get what you want, and with a clear beneficial outcome for both parties.

good example of blogger outreach very personalized

It takes time and resources to do it the right way and sending hundreds or even thousands of emails with personalized <NAME> is not personalization.

Yes, there is a lot of bad blogger outreach, honestly, most of them suck, so in this article, you are going to learn to do blogger outreach the right way and not the spammy way!

Benefits of Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is one of the most important parts of SEO strategy to grow your website visibility, ranking, and organic traffic. It’s also a great promotional strategy as you can reach your audience without organizing or participating in expensive events.

Blogging for business or fun became a very popular activity of many people and businesses and according to Growth Badger, there are over 600 million blog posts.

And on just WordPress alone, each month, more than 409 million people view over 20 billion pages on sites.

And to cut through the noise, blogger outreach is one of the “secret keys” to growing your business online. It helps you promote your products and services by connecting with influential bloggers/companies that attract your target audience to their website.

Blogger outreach is a powerful strategy and by regularly doing it, it can bring you a ton of link building benefits, but here are three main benefits of blogger outreach:

1. Main Source of Backlinks

The first and arguably the biggest reason why everybody is doing blogger outreach is that it will be your main source of high-quality backlinks, especially at the beginning.

Blogger outreach is SEOs daily bread because if you want to build backlinks for your website on a consistent basis you will need to do blogger outreach.

Backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors, the more backlinks you have, the more your ranking will grow.

This is why understanding how to track backlinks becomes crucial.

In the end, SEO in its very simple form is just content and backlinks at this present moment. (source)

blogger outreach helps get backlinks that improve ranking

And unfortunately, for you to get backlinks you cannot just sit around and hope you will attract backlinks as Google wishes you would do.

Because for you to naturally attract backlinks, you need to bring users to your web pages, to bring users to your web pages you need to be ranking, and for you to be ranking, you need backlinks.

the vicious cycle of backlinks and first ranking in google

Of course, you can still rank without backlinks, but often only for very non-competitive SEO keywords, that rarely attract links. It’s a very slow and tedious process, but can be done.

However, with blogger outreach, you can speed up the process, plus John Mueller from Google said:

“From our point of view, it’s fine to contact people and tell them it’s like by the way, I have this great content and… maybe it’s something that you would appreciate for your website. That’s generally fine.”

2. One of the Cheapest Promotional Way

The second benefit of doing blogger outreach is that it is one of the cheapest and yet very effective promotional ways to promote your products or services.

Promoting your solutions on Google, Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms requires you consistently pour money into them so they can run the ads.

However, to promote your products or services with blogger outreach, you don’t need a lot of money to start promoting your products or services.

Quite otherwise, with blogger outreach, you can start literally for free or by just subscribing to blogger outreach tools or any link building tools that help you to speed up the process.

pricing of blogger outreach tool cheap way to start benefit of blogger outreach

However, some of the tools can be quite expensive and cost hundreds of dollars, but if you are going to use the tool on regular basis, it can have amazing ROI.

3. Building Relationship

And the third benefit of blogger outreach is it helps you to build relationships.

Good blogger outreach always comes with building a relationship first before asking for anything. Especially the more influential and authoritative website, the more you will need to work hard on building the relationship before getting your foot into doors.

And by doing blogger outreach you can help grow your influence, branding, customer base, and trust with your audience. Nowadays, bloggers are influencers that can help you promote your products and services.

A great example of doing blogger outreach for building a relationship is Ford. They started inviting bloggers to their Ford Auto Show, which helped increase awareness, build relationships, and have the highest share of positive voices among all their competitors at these events.

Or my personal example is SE Ranking, they reach out to me when I just started my blog and offered a free subscription for their SEO tool, which let me use the tool all the time and show how to do SEO processes using their tool in my articles.

And despite only a few thousand readers, this helped them to increase brand awareness and drive new customers by only providing free subscriptions to me.

How to Do Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is quite a simple and straightforward process in terms of doing it, but then there are those parts where you need to be creative, innovative, and willing to try new things.

With that, let me guide you through my eight-step process of blogger outreach:

Step #1: Decide Your Blogger Outreach Strategy

The first step of your blogger outreach is to decide what blogger outreach strategy you are going to do, as it will influence things like what bloggers you are searching for, how to vet them, pitch them, and what is objective you want to achieve.

Now, there are many different link building strategies and promotional strategies that require you to do blogger outreach, so here are a few of the most common:

Based on what blogger outreach strategy you will be doing; you might modify your list of blogging sites and your pitch. Also, it will help you to set your goals and objective to know what you trying to achieve with your blogger outreach.

Step #2: Find Your Blogging Sites

The second step of your blogger outreach is to find blogging sites.

But before you start searching for blogging sites, you should create a spreadsheet where you will save your prospects if you are not using any blogger outreach tools.

For me when I am creating my spreadsheet, I usually include columns:

blogger outreach template
  • Domain/Web Page:
  • Website Authority:
  • Organic Traffic:
  • Name of Person:
  • Job Title:
  • Email Address

There are many ways how you can find bloggers and sites with blogs in your industry or those that match your criteria for a blogger outreach campaign, but here are three of my favorite methods to find blogging sites:

Method #1: Finding Your Competitors

The first method is to find your competitors using the Competitor Analysis tool.

There are a lot of SEO tools, that gives you competitive research tool and provide similar information I am going to show you. And for this tutorial, I am going to use SE Ranking.

So, to find my competitors, I’ll open the SE Ranking Competitive Research Tool, enter my website and select my target location.

blogger outreach searching for competitors

Then I go to the “Competitors” report.

going to competitors report in se ranking for blogger outreach searching for blogging sites

And here I’ll have hundreds of close competitors based on my ranking keywords and excellent sites for doing blogger outreach, especially for link building.

list of sites for blogger outreach method 1

So now I can export the results and include this in my spreadsheet.

exporting results into spreadsheet from se ranking for blogger outreach

And to get even more results you can analyze your very close competitors to see their list of competitors and just clean up any duplicates.

list of competitors of close competitor for list of sites during blogger outreach

Method #2: Using Google Search

The second method to find bloggers is by searching for keywords in your industry using Google search.

For example, I am in the SEO niche, therefore keywords like “backlink audit”, “keyword analysis” or “blog seo” are all related keywords to my niche.

searching for blogging sites using google search for blogger outreach

All these sites can be great prospects for your blogger outreach, but again it depends what’s the purpose of it.

So, once you have your Google results, you can just export them into a spreadsheet using free Google extension SEOquake.

exporting google results for potential prospects for blogger outreach

And then clean up the list and paste them into your spreadsheet.

Method #3: Bloggers That Link to Your Competitors

And the last method I like to use for my blogger outreach, especially when I am trying to build backlinks for my new blog post is looking at my competitors’ web pages that are ranking for my target keyword and see who links to them.

For example, recently I wrote an article on on-page SEO so, to see who is ranking in a top position for this keyword, I just enter the keyword in SE Ranking Organic Results tool and select my target location.

searching for blogging sites by looking at competitors backlinks

Then I can take a few top-ranking competitors with the highest traffic and with the same type of content I want to create, which is a blog post, and run Backlink Analysis to see who links to them.

competitors backlinks for my target keywords blogging sites for blogger outreach

And from here I can just scroll through the results and select the most suitable blogging sites based on my blogger outreach strategy.

Of course, there are many more ways to find your prospects, usually specific to your link building strategy or promotional strategy. Therefore, I recommend you learn how to find blogging sites based on the strategy you have selected.

Step #3: Segment Your Blogging List

The third step of your blogger outreach is to segment your blogging list or your list of potential prospects.

For this, I have created a spreadsheet with a list of blogging sites in the “coffee” niche and on the top, green highlighted you can see my imaginary site with my imaginary stats.

blogger outreach template example for coffee niche

So, for me to segment this list, first I need to have the website authority and organic traffic stats. To do that, you will need to use an SEO tool. (Try SE Ranking for 14 days for free)

So, to get the information I will paste the domains into SE Ranking Competitive Research tool. Here I can find everything I need and much more.

getting information to segment list of potential prospects for blogger outreach

So, let’s complete the spreadsheet.

Additionally, usually, if you are using SEO or Blogger Outreach tool to get the list of your potential prospects for blogger outreach, it will also come with this information, which makes it much easier.

Once you have the information, then I like to sort the domains by website authority.

blogger outreach spreadsheet with list of potential sites

Now, I will sort the domains into four categories:

  • Low-Tier: 0-39 These are small dogs, usually easy to get in touch with and communicate with the owner or somebody in charge. These will not do much for your ranking but are perfect for starting.
  • Mid-Tier: 40-69 These are the average Joes, they are usually more established, were working a couple of years on their website, and drive decent traffic. Still relatively easy to get in touch and communicate and always good to have backlinks from them regardless of your website authority.
  • High-Tier: 70-84 These are the high-quality links you want to build. Usually, there are multiple people involved in the process and it’s hard to get in touch with them. They have already processes to follow and to get a chance with them, you need to build a relationship or they must know you already.
  • Supreme-Tier: 85-100 These are the leaders in the industry, the dream of your collaboration and backlinks. They are hard to get, usually, they select you rather you select them or you pay a hefty price to collaborate. A lot of processes to follow, a lot of people involved, and hard to find the right person. It can take months to see any results from blogger outreach.

Based on this, usually, you will want to start with the tier, you are in or lower and then walk your way up as your website authority grows.

Step #4: Find the Right Person

The next important step of your blogger outreach is to find the right person.

Arguably this is the most important step of your blogger outreach, and it is absolutely crucial for you to take time to find the right person who would be:

  • Interested in your offer
  • Has the power to do whatever you ask for or has the influence

Because even if you prepare the most personalized and awesome pitch and send it to the wrong person in an organization, then there is a very slim chance for you to get anything of your blogger outreach.

For example, I receive a ton of partnership and collaboration outreaches to sell and implement their products along with our product.

sending blogger outreach to wrong person results in waste of time

However, this has nothing to do with me, I am not in charge of sales nor I am not the CEO to decide that the company starts implementing and offering new solutions.

So, what do you think I do? Nothing I won’t bother my CEO if they do not even bother to properly research their prospects, it shows me, they are just not that interested in collab.

And the worst is when they send it to general email for inquiries or submit a lead form. This definitely won’t get them anywhere.

reaching out to not right people during blogger outreach is useless

Therefore, if you don’t want to waste your time and burn your outreach emails, you need to find the right person.

Who is the Right Person?

To find the right person you will need a little bit of common sense as it highly depends on the strategy and objective of your outreach.

For example, I am in charge of marketing, therefore any marketing activities, collaboration, or partnership related to marketing will come through me.

Therefore, outreach like this is an excellent example of how you should do it. They found the right person in a company to talk about their digital conference and if we want to participate there.

example of good blogger outreach for partnership finding right people

Another example would be, if you are doing blogger outreach for guest blogging, then people from the sales, finance or IT department are obviously not the right person to reach out to.

Even in the marketing department, you will need to find the person in charge of the blog like the head of content, SEO manager, Editor in Chief, or anybody in charge of the blog. But somebody who is in charge of social media, or email marketing is not the one who you want to contact.

So, to find the right person let me show you a few techniques:

Technique #1: Check out the About Us Page

The first place where you can find the right person is on Company About Us page.

This is usually a great place to start to search within the company as you can get quickly the right person by seeing who is working in the company and their job roles.

about us page with name and job title to find the right person for blogger outreach

Often using the About Us page can save you a ton of time, especially if you are focusing more on companies than just bloggers.

Technique #2: Check Out Their Blog and Bloggers

Where else would be a better place to find the right person that is responsible for a company blog than on the company blog itself.

For example, let’s say I am doing blogger outreach for guest posting and one of my prospects is So I need to find somebody who is in charge of their blog.

And one of the best ways to do that is to go through their blog posts,

searching for the person in charge of company blog for blogger outreach

And see the authors of the blog posts and visit the Author page.

author of a blog post to find the right person for blogger outreach

That’s what I am talking about the right person. And as you can see Matteo is Head of Content at Kinsta. So, he is definitely somebody who has the power to decide if I can become the guest contributor on their blog or not and he is the perfect example of the right person for blogger outreach.

perfect example of the right person for blogger outreach

Therefore, that’s somebody I would save in my spreadsheet, and later I will show you how you can find his contact information.

Technique #3: Look at LinkedIn Company Profile

The third technique to find the right person is by looking at your LinkedIn company profile.

Similarly, to the About Us page, here you can find people working at the company along with their job titles.

linkedin for finding the right person for blogger outreach

Plus, you can already connect with them and start doing blogger outreach. However, this is not my cup of tea and I prefer email addresses.

So, like this, you can start searching for the right information. Of course, there are more techniques to find the right person, such as going on Twitter, using Google, or Going to forums like Reddit or Quora.

Remember, that not every technique has a 100% success rate. The reason why you want to know more than just one technique to find the right person is that sometimes that one technique does not provide the right person.

Step #5: Find Contact Information

Alright, the next step, once you have the right person, is to find contact information.

For blogger outreach, the best way to get in touch with them is via email, as it is not so intrusive as calling them or messaging on social media.

Therefore, I will show you two techniques how you can find their email addresses:

Technique #1: Use Email Look-Ups

To find contact information and definitely one of the most used among Outreach managers is using tools like

There are a lot of types of tools like this one, but for this tutorial, I am just going to show you

With that, to find the contact information using Hunter, you can use the domain search.

using hunter to find contact information of the right person

And it gives you a list of names and their email addresses. Sometimes even their job positions and LinkedIn profile. This is also a good technique to find the right person as well.

You can also search for the contact information of a specific person in the organization or for the domain. So, when I found Matteo in step #4, now is time to find his contact information:

finding contact information of a specific person in organization using hunter for blogger outreach

And lastly, you can do this all at the same time using their bulk finder. This feature can save you tons of time and really speed up the process.

hunter bulk analysis for blogger outreach

Or if you found the right person via LinkedIn company page, then you can also use tools like which gives you the email information and even the mobile number of the person’s LinkedIn profile. Plus it helps you to track the progress of your outreach.

apollo gives you contact information from linkedin profile for blogger outreach

Email and contact information lookup tools are essential for your blogger outreach as getting the information from websites or social media is almost impossible and sending your pitch to general emails will not get you any results.

Technique #2: Subscribe to Their Newsletters

The second technique to find someone’s contact information is to actually subscribe to their newsletters.

This is one of the easy ways to find contact information of your prospect as most of the newsletters will come from personal email, often somebody in charge that can help you.

For example, I wanted to get in touch with Glen from, so I subscribe to his newsletter, where I got his personal email address to get in touch.

getting contact information from newsletter for blogger outreach

And even if you receive an email from a general newsletter, you can just simply reply to that and the person in charge might reply and then go from there.

However, don’t send your pitch to that, otherwise, they will not reply for sure.

Technique #3: Just Ask for It

And the last technique to get your personal contact information is just to ask for it from general email inquiries or by filling up a contact form.

This simple, yet powerful technique can get you personal contact information faster than you would expect and, in many cases, the right person you are looking for.

Just drop them a line, that you are looking for a certain person and what is the best way to get in touch with them:

just ask for contact information blogger outreach

However, I recommend you have an email signature that proves you are a valid person that means real business and not just a spammer.

Trust me, before they reply, they will check who you are and if it makes sense to reply.

But on the other side, if you have a signature and you look like a guy that means business, it might spark his/her curiosity and they might be more willing to reply to you compare to if you would just send your pitch to them straightaway.

Step #6: Start Sending Blogger Outreach Emails

Alright, so you have found the right people to talk to, you have their email addresses and you are ready to blast their inboxes.

However, this is where most people ruin all their effort by sending general emails, badly written templates, or not putting any effort into personalization.

Just like any email marketing campaign, even with blogger outreach, you need to be personalized at least to some degree and 98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships, which also relates to your blogger outreach prospects.

Therefore using blogger outreach email templates will often harm your conversions more than you would just write the email by yourself especially if you don’t have the experience.

Particularly using the more famous one, like from Brian Dean. I receive so many of those emails, that copy exactly the way how Brian give his email templates:

example of templat blogger email outreached copied from someone else

Therefore, before you start using templates for your blogger outreach, write your own emails and focus on sending emails to only one person at a time.

Trust me, your results will be much better than just using obvious templates that everybody ignores.

But, if you really need an email outreach template to get an idea of how it works, then I recommend you check out specific email templates based on your blogger outreach strategy. Here are a few helpful links: (You might need to scroll down the page to find the templates)

However, let me share with you some of the best practices for email outreach when you writing it yourself:

Tip #1: Include a Name

The first tip I have for you when you are sending email blogger outreach, you always must include the name of the person you are sending to.

Emails like this will get ignored… You cannot get less personalized and lazier… I cannot imagine accepting their guest posts, if they are just as lazy as their emails, then SEO god protects the website that accepts their proposal.

unpersonalized emails without name gets no results in blogger outreach

This is your 101 email blogger outreach and must do. Every time you sent an email, include the name of the person, even if you send an email to general email inquiries, you should include the name of the person you want to talk to.

Tip #2: Don’t use General Sentences

The second piece of advice I have for you when you are sending email outreach is to avoid any general sentences, links, anchor texts, or anything that just should look like personalization, but actually, it’s not.

For example, an email I recently received has a bunch of generalizations. Let me explain:

email example of using general sentences for blogger outreach

First of all, you can see, they have got a list of pages that are ranking for the keyword “b2b marketing trends” and any other similar keywords and then include the URL of the prospect in the anchor text “article”… This is too general.

Second, including general sentences like “very helpful, detailed, it provided me with so much value” is just not a good way to be personalized. Because there is nothing said what EXACTLY in my article is so great…

Third, and the worst is, when they say, “I especially loved [general sentence that matches every of the article on my outreach list].” This does not make it personalized.

And lastly, no name again…

Remember, your prospects aren’t stupid and they can easily recognize bad email outreach even if you use “personalized” titles, anchor texts, or URLs.

They understand how the outreach tools work and how you can easily add those things to your email.

lazy outreach email using outreach tool for blogger outreach

So, please avoid all of this, it is just so obvious.

Tip #3: Try to Avoid

The third tip I recommend you is to avoid using your personal email from free email providers.

The reasons why you shouldn’t use these are:

  • Most of the poor and spammy outreach comes from these free email providers. They are easy to create by everyone.
a lot of spam emails comes from gmail do not use for outreach
  • Despite you mean good business and you are not a spammer, you must understand that for the person on the other side, it’s hard to verify it.
  • Gmail or Outlook are using spammy detectors and stop their own users from sending too many same messages. This can get you blocked or end up in the spam folder much faster.

Whenever you want to do blogger outreach, always use your website domain email address to verify, who you are. It increases the trust with the prospect and he/she can easily verify if you are legit.

Tip #4: Personalized, Personalized, Personalized…

If you want your blogger outreach to be successful, you need to be personalized to every prospect you are sending your cold email.

That means:

  • Using the person’s name in the email and not just using “Hi there” and others.
  • Say something that shows you actually read their article, did your research, or mention anything very specific to them, their product, or company.
  • Add real compliments specific to the person, not just blatant ones and fake flattery.
  • Try to mention something about prospect interest, this can open their heart.
  • Do you have any mutual connection, mention it, did you visit the same conference, let them know, or anything similar

And there are many and many more ways, to personalized emails. Just try to create a connection on a human level just like in face to face and you’ll see how easy it is to be personalized.

Tip #5: Focus on Win-Win Situation

And the very last tip or advice I have for you when you are sending blogger outreach emails is to always focus on win-win situations.

Unfortunately, most of the email outreach is always focused on one side only and that’s theirs and not yours.

For example, as you can see here, besides there is no personalization whatsoever, there is also nothing for me. Only extra task on my already busy to-do list. Why would I be interested? What’s in it for me? Why should I even bother to reply?

blogger outreach email focus on only winning for themselves not for both sides

Emails like this are just wasting the time of your prospects and damaging your reputation.

Therefore, you should always focus on where both sides are happy with the collaboration and not just you, it’s selfish!

And I understand, this is probably the hardest part of outreach, and you should really try hard to come up with a solution that helps you and them in the same way or even your prospect is benefiting more than you.

However, you don’t need to always figure out what they want or what would make them say Yes to your proposal. Sometimes, just asking them can give you the best answer!

collaboration blogger email outreach finding win win situation

Lastly, please don’t ever offer social share for a backlink, especially on Twitter. I don’t care how many billions of followers you have, the average lifespan of a Tweet is 18 minutes. Even my first goldfish had a longer lifespan, RIP Goldie. ☹

While the backlink has a permanent benefit or at least until I take it off. Unless you are Garry Vee, Elon Musk, or any similar caliber, your tweet will do very little, especially company tweet…

So here you have some of the best tips and practices for sending blogger outreach emails. Of course, there could be many more and countless examples. But every interaction is different so let’s move to the next step.

Step #7: Do Gentle Follows Up

The next step of your blogger outreach is to follow up with your prospect.

Your prospect is busy, gets tons of emails from all kinds of people and even if they are genuinely interested in your offer most probably your email didn’t come at the right time.

However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your prospect just because they did not reply, you don’t know the reason why they didn’t reply, so it’s better to assume it wasn’t because they are not interested.

In fact, follow-up emails have a higher reply rate in general. The first follow-up email has a 40%-increase in reply rate in comparison to the first email. Note: It doesn’t mean your reply rate is 40%; rather, it increases by 40%.

So you shouldn’t skip following up, it can cost you a prospect that’s interested in your offer.

However, if your prospect does not reply to your first follow up I generally do not do a second follow-up for blogger outreach because it is not like sales, where you need to do 5-7 follow-ups.

Also, for this you can already use some kind of template, yet still with a certain level of personalization. Here you can see an example of my follow up email:

Hi [Your name] here again. Just a quick follow up on my proposal about [state what you wanted] from [when you sent the email]

If it is something that might interest you, let me know. I am happy to come up with different ideas so both sides benefit from this deal.

Or if you are busy and this is not your priority, no worries, I understand. I hope we can collaborate in the future.



As you can see, I am just trying to be as quick as possible, remind the prospect what I proposed, ask if everything seems alright to him and if it is not the right time to talk, I understand that and let him know that I am won’t bother anymore.

Step #8: Scale Blogger Outreach

And the last step of your blogger outreach is to scale your processes.

Now, before you start scaling your blogger outreach process right away, you must understand this should be done after you have done tens or even hundreds of email blogger outreach and start seeing improvement in your conversion rate.

Before that, I recommend you go through the processes yourself, understand it, implement it, modify it to your suiting and then start scaling so you don’t get ripped off by freelancers or agencies.

With that, here are my 4 best bits of advice to scale your blogger outreach:

Tip #1: Get an Actual Blogger Outreach Tool

The first piece of advice I have for you when you want to scale is to invest in an actual blogger outreach tool.

These tools can help you speed up the processes and avoid those tedious, time-consuming tasks such as prospecting and email finding. Instead, you can be focusing on more valuable tasks like building relationships with your prospects and crafting the perfect pitches.

For example, can help you to quickly find email addresses and prospects from domains. for blogger outreach to scale processes

And then help you to export your new prospects with email addresses into your prospects list and you can start launching your email campaign. Plus they offer a free version, so you can try it now as well.

snow platform prospect list for blogger outreach scaling

Outreach tools also provide statistics and engagement rates that help you to improve your future outreach campaigns to keep growing your website.

blogger outreach tool statistics to improve conversions

Definitely, if you want to scale up your blogger outreach, investing in outreach tools should be your first step to growing faster.

Here is a list of recommended blogger outreach tools:

Tip #2: Outsource Time-Consuming Easy Tasks

The second tip I have for you when you want to scale your blogger outreach process is to outsource anything that can be outsourced.

For example, you can go on Fiverr and easily outsource email finding or find the right person to talk to. You just give them your specification and let them do the work.

email finding services on fiver scaling blogger outreach strategy

Things like that can take ages for you but can be outsourced cheaply, so you can focus on more important tasks in your blogger outreach.

However, that’s why before scaling your blogger outreach strategy, you should do it yourself, so you know exactly what you need them to do and what information you want.

Tip #3: Use a Database

Another tip I have for you when you want to scale your blogger outreach is to start using databases of bloggers.

If you want to get your blogger outreach to the next level, then using blogger databases can help you really scale things up.

Often databases like this already give you all the information you need like, what’s the influential potential of the blog to find the right blogs that will have the biggest impact, the contact information of people in charge, and helpful categories to find what you are looking for.

Often, marketing agencies will be using databases like this to do link building and blogger outreach for their clients as like this you can really focus on providing value to your prospects and sending the best emails.

Tip #4: Start Creating Templates

When I said, “don’t use templates” I didn’t mean forever, but until you’ll get the proper idea of what works the best for you.

Blogger outreach templates are essential for you to scale things up. You cannot be writing emails to every single person manually forever. It’s good to learn, but not for growing.

So once you understand what makes good email outreach, what really works, and what isn’t, then you can start writing your own templates and easily modify them, to still keep it personalized.

Trust me, if you do it like this, your templates will be much better, than any you could find on the internet.

Every company, interaction, and outreach is different and it is important to have the experience to recognize to whom you can send personalized templates and to whom you should still write yourself.

Tip #5: Automate Your Follow-Ups

And the last and quick tip to scale your blogger outreach is to automate your follow-ups.

Once you start growing your prospects list, doing more blogger outreach campaigns at the same time, things will get a bit messy, and you will forget to reply or follow up.

However, automating your follow-up can not only save you from headaches, but also from losing valuable prospects.

It is one of the easiest things to do, but extremely effective. Therefore, automating your follow-ups should be on top of your list when you start scaling blogger outreach.

Blogger Outreach Best Practices

Alright, before you start with blogger outreach to grow your website and online presence, I want to share with you a few best practices for blogger outreach:

Practice #1: Testing & Practice Makes Perfect

The first best practice for blogger outreach I have for you is testing and practicing makes your blogger outreach perfect.

Just like with everything, when you are starting with something, you most likely will suck at it and that same applies to your blogger outreach and conversion rates.

That’s why I said, first you should only focus on writing your own blogger outreach emails and avoid using templates and writing to only one person at the time.

Yes, it’s a very tedious and slow process with a lot of labor. However, this gives you a great opportunity to learn how blogger outreach works, what works for you the best, and test tons of different ways how to send email pitch emails.

All this gives you exposure to the craft, that once you start scaling and growing your website, you know exactly what you are doing and you won’t be looking like those wannabe and spammers sending general bad outreach emails.

Practice #2: Stay in Your Ballpark

The second best practice I have for you is to stay around your ballpark when you are doing blogger outreach.

For example, when I go to SE Ranking Competitive Research Tool, I can see my Domain Trust is 52.

my domain trust staying in my ballpark for blogger outreach

This means I should be mostly focusing on websites with similar domain trust +/- 10 domain trust differences.

doing blogger outreach and staying in the similar range of website authority best practice

The reason why you should do that is that it’s much easier to find a common ground with websites on your level, get in touch with them, and get the desired outcome of your blogger outreach strategy.

The big link building mistake you can do, when you are starting with blogger outreach is to aim too high.

Remember, the higher the website authority, generally the harder it is to get in touch with them and close the deal with them. Therefore, staying mostly in your ballpark helps you to achieve the best results and conversion rates.

Practice #3: Sniper Wins over Shotgun Approach

The third practice you should always follow is the snipper approach and not the shotgun approach.

I believe the snipper approach was first introduced or popularized by Ahrefs a while ago and it is honestly the best way to do blogger outreach.

However, unfortunately, many outreaches do not practice the Snipper approach, but rather the spray and pray method, AKA, shotgun approach.

spray and pray blogger outreach method is bad

I’ll get emails like this every day and I never reply. Even if I would be interested, I wouldn’t probably reply, but went to Google and search for an alternative.

And the reason why most people follow this method is that it’s easy. Creating a template like this takes you minutes as well as getting a list of whatever emails you find, and they are ready to publish.

But the problem with easy is that it gets you no results, and on top of that, it damages your reputation, making it even harder to do business in the future.

Instead, you should go with the snipper approach. Always try to target your message to an individual person or a small group of people once you start using templates.

Practice #4: Segment Your List into Specific Categories

The next blogger outreach best practice I have for you is to segment your list into specific and small categories.

Once you start having a large list of 100+ prospects on your blogger outreach list and start planning to use templates, then you will want to segment your prospects based on similarities like job position, product, niche, etc.

This will help you to create more personalized templates based on your segmented list. Just like when you are preparing your lead nurturing, you want to segment your email subscribers into specific categories.

Practice #5: Focus on Building Relationship

And the last best practice is to focus on building relationships.

Successfully completing blogger outreach isn’t about getting what you wanted from your prospect and disappearing right after. It’s about building relationships with influential people in your industry and getting your name out there in the best way.

Your outreach campaign should always prioritize building relationships even if it means you won’t be getting anything at that point. Because remember, you are in for the long term and what might seem like lost now, a few years down the roll can bring big gains in form of bigger collaboration.

And even despite your campaign is over, you got what you wanted, you still should maintain the new relationships by following them, sharing their content, giving shoutouts, commenting on their blog, or even dropping a backlink from one of your guest’s posts.

As like this, they later can do the same for you, and as more people start promoting you, or your brand, the bigger impact it will have.

Remember, long-lasting relationships will keep bringing fruitful results even years after your initial blogger outreach. It’s arguably the best way to grow your website presence in the most passive and definitely natural way that even Google loves.

Final Advice

As you could see, doing blogger outreach has the same process that you and everybody follow, but the “WHY” you are connecting and what you are offering is where all the similarities should end, and you should come up with something unique and special.

You must come up with a solution where both sites benefit and not just you if you want to be successful.

I hope this article helps you with your blogger outreach, please let me know on my YouTube channel your thoughts about this article.

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