6 main reasons why you are not getting any traffic to your website article from b2bdigitalmarketers.com

In this article, I will share with you 6 main reasons why you are not getting traffic to your website and what you can do about it to fix that.

I will tell you the most common 6 reasons I am seeing on other websites why they are not getting traffic on their website and if you will be able to fix that, then you can start driving big traffic to your website.

Therefore make sure you clear out all the reasons you have on your website so you can get the results you deserve for your website.

Of course, there can be even more complicated problems, but if you will fix these 6 reasons why you are not getting traffic to your website, then you will be absolutely alright to drive traffic to your website.

So let’s kick off with the first reason.

1. You Are Targeting High Competition Keywords

The first reason why you are not getting traffic to your website and what I see almost with every website is you are targeting high competition keywords.

And I know it is very ambitious to target those keywords and they are like goldmine but unfortunately, you will not get there overnight, but rather you must deserve to get the spot there.

Because Google wants to be sure that only the best content is rank on their search engine and therefore you must first deserve it with low competition keywords. Which of course is much easier to rank for.

And you might think that even the low competition keywords are already taken, but luckily nothing is further from true, as 15% of searches are new to Google every single day…

So what can you do about this?

The first step is to find low competitive keywords for your industry, these low competitive keywords are usually long-tail keywords with 3+ words. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which one is low competition long-tail keywords because I don’t know your industry but can tell you where you can find it.

Also, you can use free tool ubersuggest to find how each keyword is difficult and it also gives you a recommendation for more related keywords. Also check out Ubersuggest alternatives

ubersuggest for SEO keyowrd difficulty for article why you are not getting traffic to your website fiind low competition keywords

But the first source for your keywords is your Google Search Console, where you can easily see the queries your website already ranking for. This is one of the best and fast ways how you can increase your website traffic. Just imagine, you are already ranking for the keyword, and if you write a proper piece of content about this, that you start quickly ranking for that keyword even higher.

The next amazing source which I got from Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko is Amazon, kindle ebooks. This is one of my favorite ways to find keywords. Just go on Amazon, kindle ebook store and search for your industry or keyword you want to target which for me could be SEO.

amazon is great for keyword research by brain dean. Find kindle ebook and look for table of contents and you will find plenty of keywords ideas. why you are not getting traffic to your website

Also, I have taken it a bit further and actually bought the ebooks and books about it and within the content itself, you will find more than enough ideas for your content for the rest of the year even if you will be writing an article every single day.

And even if you will find a short keyword, you can easily make it a long-tail keyword like for example. Content Marketing is the High Competitive keyword and Content Marketing for Small Business in the USA or Content Marketing for Financial Services is the low competitive long-tail keyword.

And there you have it, plenty of ideas for low competition keywords for your business. Remember long-tail keywords will get you to start off and according to many sources, they actually help you to rank for the highly competitive keyword later on and most importantly long-tail keywords have a 36% average conversion rate (Union Street Media)

2. You Have No Backlinks or Low Quality

The second reason why you are not getting any traffic to your website is that you have no backlinks, or you have low-quality backlinks and not relevant backlinks.

According to Ahrefs, 90.63% of all pages in their index get zero traffic from Google and that’s mostly because they have no backlinks or bad ones.

And it is not just according to Ahrefs as Google literally stated on their website “How Search Works

We look for sites that many users seem to value for similar queries. For example, if other prominent websites link to the page (what is known as PageRank), that has proven to be a good sign that the information is well trusted.

What basically it means you need to have relevant backlinks for your website and for the pages you want to rank high.

Unfortunately, buying backlinks is not an option as it is very expensive as according to Ahrefs, The average cost of buying a link is $361.44

And most importantly it is against Google Guidelines as they stated on their support website:

Avoid getting involved in link schemes, such as buying links from other sites to increase your ranking. This is against Google’s quality guidelines and can result in a manual action against some or all of your site, which will negatively affect your site ranking.

Make sure to check out the links after the blog article to learn more about current statistics and google guidelines.

So, what can you do about it?

Most importantly, you need to focus on building backlinks from relevant websites and blogs within your industry and niche, because Google does differentiate the type of backlinks based on categories.

Like for example, if you get backlinks from a website about a healthy diet but your website is about construction building then Google will not put so much weight on this backlink like for example from a website about construction building materials or architecture.

So, there are many ways how you can build backlinks, but only a handful of them actually work and most of them require quite a bit of work.

And unfortunately, I don’t have time in this article to properly explain how to build backlinks but you can easily Google it and find the best method that suits you the most.

But these are my 3 most favorite building backlinks strategies:

The first is Skyscraper.

The second is guest blogging

And the third one is to check competitor backlinks from tools like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest, produce better content and send it to those websites so they can link to it within their next article or updates.

I will put the links in the description of the skyscraper technique to learn more about it.

3. You Are Not Consistently Producing Content

The third reason why you are not getting any traffic to your website is that you are not consistent with producing new content on your blog.

Unfortunately, many business owners think that publishing a few articles here and there will make ground-breaking changes to their website traffic.

And this is not that true, because Google and other search engines love websites that consistently produce and updates their contents and websites.

And the reason behind this is because people want always fresh and new content, especially since they can see when the piece of content was published.

Google search and the date when was the article publish why you are not getting traffic to your website is because your content is outdated and you are not producing consistently new content

Like for example blog posts about SEO strategies published in 2019 will get fewer clicks because people think it is outdated and irrelevant for today.

That’s why if people and search engines see a few pieces of content here and there, they think the website is dead.

So, consistency is crucial not only for your website but also for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes.

So what can you do about it?

I understand that publishing content consistently is hard, but there are a few tricks and tips I can recommend you, the first is to create a reasonable and sustainable content marketing plan for your business. Like for example publish an article once a week.

Also, you can watch it here, where I explain in detail how you can create a content marketing plan for your business and what benefit it brings you.

The second tip is to start writing short articles between 500-1,000 words. And don’t worry about not ranking in the first place of Google because it wants articles with 2,000+ words. Because even if you publish 2,000+ words you will not rank anyway there and you will get burnout.

Therefore, publish shorter articles, in the beginning, remember what I said about Google and that it loves regular updates. These short articles are easy to update once a while and it will massively increase the life span of the article.

So start with 500-1,000 words article and update them every six months or year and then create a reasonable content marketing plan which you can sustain.

4. Your content is not good enough

Alright, and the fourth reason is why you are not getting traffic is because your content is just not good enough.

Hey before you go and get upset with me, let me give you a concept of what I mean by not good enough. So for you to understand it better, let me give you my client example.

My client is selling ERP and CRM software which can be quite complicated to explain and I asked him to write an article about ERP implementation. Which he has done but it wasn’t good enough, why?

Because it was too difficult to read. He used hard terms only experts and people within the industry can understand and therefore it was not good enough even though it was actually a well-written article.

Remember, this is not a study publication or research publication, but an article for simple people like me.

And this is happening a lot especially with B2B organizations, they’re often written by engineers or other technical folks, making them:

  • Wordy
  • Dense
  • Difficult to parse
  • Focused on features, not pain points
  • Overly sales-y

And this kind of content is just not good and it is a major reason why websites do not