7 Strategies to Automate Your B2B Digital Marketing

In this article, I am going to share with you the 7 strategies to automate b2b digital marketing to bring more leads and ease your marketing work and most importantly bring better results.

We are living in a world where you can automate your b2b digital marketing and drive leads without you do any work. Using your resources and automation tools are just a great way to bring a lot more leads.

Improving technologies are not about to replace people but rather to empower them to do more and automate their tasks, improve effectiveness, lower the stress, and much more.

Heck, if there would not be technologies, I could not automate my b2b digital marketing and would deliver only 10% of leads.

Yeah, thanks to automation technologies I could create amazing results with a minimum of my time being wasted.

Yes, sometimes it takes some upfront time investment to properly set it up and learn to automate your b2b digital marketing.

But trust me, if you invest your time to learn how to automate your b2b marketing, then your b2b inbound marketing and whole b2b digital marketing will deliver results you could not imagine if you would have to do it yourself!

Therefore, let me explain to you how I automate my b2b digital marketing and b2b inbound marketing and start generating leads with minimum effort.

Heck, I love it when marketing technology is working for me and automate my marketing repetitive tasks.

So, let’s get started and automate your marketing!

1. Automate Your B2B Drip Email Marketing for Your Forms

Creating resources is already pretty difficult and time-consuming and if you do not automate this digital product in your b2b marketing, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

According to emailmonday, organizations have a 20% increase in sales after using drip email campaigns to nurture their leads.

Also, companies that automate the lead nurturing with email marketing platforms and other tools see at least a 10% increase in revenue in just 6-9 months by HubSpot.

Because automate your email marketing can be done in a very natural and not pushy way, open rates for drip campaigns are about 80% higher, and lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times more responses to compare to an email blast.

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So, if your b2b digital marketing is done right and your drip emails set up accordingly, drip campaigns generate 80% more sales at a 33% lower cost.

And another thing, drip campaigns generate 50% more sales-ready leads via steady communication with them. Which of course is automated, and you do not need to do anything. (Apart some preparation time)

With that being said, organizations have reported that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads by SensibleMarketing, and businesses also experience a 45% increase in lead generation ROI according to GetDrip.

So, I hope that drip email marketing strategy is could be something for you to automate your b2b digital marketing.

2. Social Media Scheduling Tool

If you are somebody like me, then you do not enjoy being on social media all the time and trying to come up with some cool stuff to post to increase following and more importantly drive more leads.

Heck, social media can be a tough job. Therefore, you should automate even your social media and spend less time on it and bring more leads.

Of course, some people like to be on social media, but that is not me. So luckily, I have started using social media tools to schedule my post a week or two weeks ahead.

Once I started automating my social media my b2b content marketing went off. I could drive much better results with just 6 and fewer hours a week and drive twice as many leads.

Therefore, if you do not use scheduling tools for social media, you gotta start because you waste a lot of your time and money.

You can get much better results by automating your posts.

That’s why this is one of my favorite strategies. Because I do not like to spend so much time on social media, but I know its essential place to be.

So, I hope you will soon automate your social media and improve your overall b2b digital marketing results as I did.

Honestly, now I am using an agency that prepares me content every week and I just schedule it. It takes 15 minutes and I am good to go. And the results are awesome.

3. Teach Chat Bots to Respond FAQ

If you ever worked as a customer service representative, you would understand how often you get the same 10 questions every day. Therefore, automating your live chat will free up the time and your customer service can focus more on the important task.

Also, not to mention that chatbots are just great to bring extra leads. From my experience, you can easily get 10% more leads just by adding chatbots on your website.

My favorite chatbot is from MobileMonkey.com, as they are giving a free version for Facebook, which boosts my CTR by almost 20% just by adding the chat.

Also, they have a great automation system for you to save up plenty of time, delight your prospects and customers and ultimately bring more leads to your business with lower acquisition costs.

Definitely World’s Best Integrated Web Chat, SMS & Facebook Messenger Bot Platform for Marketing and Customer Service with more than just responding FAQ.

So, how does it work?

Many times, b2b prospects are not ready to purchase until they have all the answers they need. They need to be sure.

Therefore, having chatbots you can quickly capture these leads, provide first-hand help immediately about your products and services. As sometimes it can be just one missing piece of the puzzle that stopping them to make a purchasing decision.

So, if you solve this puzzle, they feel confident.

It happened to me many times that prospects had one question and with the right answer they got confident and wanted to set the meeting.

Bingo! One hot lead coming in.

That’s why not just having live chat is important but also automate the FAQ so you can free your time.

Trust me, you would be surprised how often you would get the same question every time.

4. Autoresponder for Every Contact Form You Have

Autoresponder for your contact form, lead magnet, or any sort of form is just becoming a must for user experience and it helps your business too.

Automate your b2b digital marketing is about to get off from repetitive tasks that can be easily taught and outsource to the computer, so you can dedicate your time to other more important tasks.

Autoresponder for your form is not just for you to free up your time, but also to ensure your customers and prospects that you have received the message well and you are working on it.

I mean how many times have you filled up a form and didn’t get a response back. It confuses you whether the form works or you did something wrong.

So, automate your responses will improve your time efficiency and improve your customer service.

This is especially important for sales and customer service which should respond as soon as possible especially that they have acknowledged the problem and they are on it.

5.  Leads Integration with Your CRM

Digital marketing has great potential to bring leads from many different channels like for example social media, website, advertising, lead forms, etc..

This can be quite challenging if you are bringing consistently leads every day and the more you bring; the more is important to automate your leads to be uploaded into CRM.

Manually inserting your leads into your CRM is a total waste of time nowadays. Especially when you can get simple integration software and let it be automatic.

Imagine that you get 10 leads a day and each lead takes approximately 5-10 minutes to put in. That’s a lot of time to invested just to put the leads into the system.

Yes, leads are important but remember, you should focus on 20% of the task, which gives you 80% of results.

Trust me inserting leads is not one of them, it just totals waste of time, when it can be done automatically.

Therefore, it is great to automate your b2b digital marketing with simple integration of your website and tools with CRM.

For example, HubSpot is a great tool, as they understand it and so you can automate leads input with the majority of software and tools.

6. Automate Your Reporting

Modern marketing is all about collecting data and transforming it into insights so you can make informed decisions. Therefore, the next thing you should do for your b2b digital marketing is to automate your reporting.

I used to spend so much time collecting data from all kinds of different sources like my website analytics, ads, lead forms and email marketing and try to put together.

I could spend days creating a meaningful report to have insights for me to decide what will be the next smart step in my b2b digital marketing.

That’s why this strategy is important for you to start applying even within your marketing. So, you can quickly react to market changes and make informed decisions without big guessing.

Luckily, most of the tools are already equip with integrated systems and CRM and ERP so it eases your work to connected.

For example, systems like HubSpot, Dynamics 365, and SAP are already having these options so you can remove silos and have all the data in one place.

Especially with technology like Cloud, it is becoming easier. Therefore, ask your technical team to connect all your channels so you free up your time and you can focus on more important tasks than just generating the report.

But please do not take me wrong as data are the biggest assets companies have to become even more prosperous.

As it shows you what works and what needs improvements or be cut off.

7. Content Suggestions Based on Prospect Interest

Your b2b target audience is searching for relevancy and company which provide the most relevant solutions to prospect needs usually win.

Yes, with so much information on internet prospects are searching for an answer for their specific questions and industries.

As by HubSpot, 43% of people admit they skimming blog posts.

That means, nowadays, people searching only for the exact answer to their question. So if prospect searching for black sheep, they won’t be satisfied with grey sheep answer, because they know the information is there and they just need to find it.

That’s why this strategy is extremely important for your b2b target audience and whole b2b digital marketing.

Automating your content suggestions will improve your open rate, bounce rate, user time spent on your content, and ultimately lead generation.

Therefore, the next b2b digital marketing strategy to automate is your content suggestions.

Especially if you already invest a lot of resources in generating content then you should also invest to get it in front of the right people to maximize ROI.


Strategies to automate your B2B digital marketing are for you to ease your work and deliver even better results with less effort and time.

Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, there are many tools you can use to start creating powerful b2b digital marketing which brings incredible results.

Of course, it requires some learning and time investment, but overall you will not just save your time but money for your company and even generate more from already used channels.

So do not be afraid to try new marketing tools as most of them offer 30 days free trial, so you can determine whether it works for you or not.

I recommend to every business to try to use new tools as you would be surprised how many of them deliver incredible results.

And sometimes you will wonder how you could live without it.

So, don’t be worry to use new tools for your b2b digital marketing and automate as much as you can, so you can focus on more important things like your customers.

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